Tucker, Georgia
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I took my cat prince in this morning because he has a sharp tooth in his mouth and the doctor that has been seeing him was not concerned about his mouth, but about the money it would cost for the meds that he wanted to give him. Now I have the wellness plan and it covers the dental plan and it is ready to expire in Oct 2013 and I wanted the doctor to clean his teeth and either pull or file down the one tooth that had given my cat a problem before and it cost me a arm and a leg just to pay for it.

The same thing again.The doctor says he have an heart mumur, but my cat is an indoor cat and I brought him up from Miami Fla, and his doctor there never said he had an heart problem. I do not believe this doctor at all. He is a lair. And it wasted my time and gas this morning.

He could of gave him something, but all this young so-called doctor wanted to do is charge me more money for something that could of been avoided in the first place if they would of did as I as them to do to keep the same thing from happening to my cat again.

The doctor has put my cat under twice one for this tooth problem and once for staples near his butt, where they cleaned out a pocket on my cat and left a big hole about the size of my index finger, and told me to bring him back, when what he should of done was to close the hole up before sending him home and having to come back again. This is total bull!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1073.

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