Atlantic City, New Jersey
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took my cat to the banfield hospital(in pet smart) in MANAHAWKIN,NJ on 4-03-2019 at 3 pm. she was suffering from a infected ear that had blown up with pus.

the doctor on duty drained it and gave me some drops for the ear and also sold me some ear cleaner. wouldn't you know it on sat afternoon after they were closed the ear started blowing again.

called today and was able to get another appt with them on 4-08-2019.but since I dont have the pet insurance the try and sell to you on the premises I will have to pay another office visit fee.well my peter needs this taken care of so I have to put up with their *** again.STAY AWAY FROM THEM. the feeling I get as a brand new first time user of BANFIELD is that they only look at you and your pet as dollar signs

Reason of review: ineffective care.

Monetary Loss: $198.

Preferred solution: allow me the second visit to correct the same issue for no charge.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Vet who took care of me originally.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: No refund and the quality of rx, Do not care for your pet.

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very helpful review


Some issues require prolonged treatment. Vets dont have magic wands, and sometimes things cannot be fixed instantly. That doesn't mean you are entitled to not pay for continued treatment.


you must be a EMPLOYEE OF BANFIELD.any other vet I have dealt with in the past wouldn't charge again if the original problem wasn't corrected the first time.


I hate Banfield, but I have medical knowledge. Yes, I would charge again. There is no "one visit guarantee" for ANY medical problem


You are so uneducated and ridiculous. I have worked at both banfield and private offices, and every single place charged a follow up visit.

It is usually a little less than the original exam price. & No, I don't work at Banfield anymore. In fact, I don't like them either.

I LOVE how people on here automatically assume you work for a company, just because you disagreed with them. So immature and ridiculous.


Right?!?! I swear, some people are so ridiculous.

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