Willimantic, Connecticut

We took in a stray kitten. We took her to Banfield to get her spayed.

She was in heat and going out when she had her initial exam. We scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks out to be sure she would be out of heat. When I dropped her off for the surgery, the estimate included an additional $58.50 for "in-heat" spay. I told the tech the cat was not in heat, as she was on her way out 2 weeks prior and was showing absolutely no signs of being in heat again.

She said that fee would be taken off after surgery if she was not in heat. Can you guess what's coming? I bet you can. They claimed my cat was in heat and stuck me with the extra charge.

I'd be willing to bet every cat they spay that is older than about 6 months will be "in heat" at time of surgery. Can't imagine how much they are raking in in fake charges. I had purchased a wellness plan for the kitten, so I will have done whatever is covered under the plan but will not pay for any "extras." If it's something I think she'll really need, I'll take her to another vet. They are not getting another dime out of me.

As soon as the plan is up, we're gone. It's a shame because the people who work the front desk seem nice and the doctor and techs were good with the animals, but I no longer trust them. I think they're a bunch of rip-off artists. They also claimed I saved over $200 on that visit by being on the wellness plan, but most of the stuff they listed was done 2 weeks ago at her check-up so there would have been no reason for them to do any of that stuff again.

And if they did, then they are over-treating animals.

Or they're lying about what they actually do. Either way, I just don't trust them any more.

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Banfield stinks


well, how old was your "kitten?" they are in and out of heat constantly as they age over 6 months.maybe you don't understand that a spay surgery is more difficult if a pet is in heat. a person cannot tell in a cat if it is in heat until the doctor goes in and sees that the uterus is enlarged.

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