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a few weeks ago i took my six month old pug to the banfield out here in covington louisiana. well i went there to get him on the wellness plan because i knew he had worms and they told me that they couldnt put me on the plan until they did a parvo test because if he is sick he cant go on the plan.

well i knew he didnt have parvo because ive seen the worms and ive spoken to many ppl that told me that parvo mimics worms in certain situations and symptoms. well they did the test and it came back + i said ok what can we do to fix this they told me i had to come up with 500 dollars before they even touched my dog.

well i brought my dog home and he layed around for two days until i found a 24 vet on call in mississippi near by i took him there and they tested him for parvo and it came back - and he stayed in the hospital for two days because he was dehydrated do to having the worms for more then a few days. now they wont give me my money back or wont do anything for me and needless to say im piised and i wont be going back there EVER AGAIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I don't understand why you waited to have your dog seen for DAYS after going to Banfield. You probably would not have had to go to an emergency 24 hr vet had you been more responsible.

Don't whine and complain about the costs...

you are the one who took your dog to a 24 hour vet after waiting WAY too long. It cost a lot more than it would have had you been thinking about your dog and not your wallet.


I hate to tell you this but pretty much every puppy has round worms due to the fact that they pick up everything off the ground and the worms can be transmitted directly from mom to puppies. And the life cycle of the worms means they are going to be in a dog for much more than a few days before you would even see them in the ***.

Parvo virus has some pretty specific symptoms and the types of intestinal parasites that might cause similar signs you would not be able to see with your naked eye. Also the snap tests are not infallible, there are both false positives and false negatives. To have wanted to test for parvo your puppy must have been pretty sick and showing signs of parvo.

Also I doubt if you said you had seen worms they would not have checked. A fecal exam is pretty standard for a vomiting/diarrhea puppy at any vet clinic.


Msholly1228, We are very sorry to hear that your visit to Banfield has left you feeling this way, and we hope your pug is doing better. To help us better understand your situation, please call our Client Advocate Team to discuss your experience.

The number is 877-500-2288. Thank you for your feedback.