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My 3yr old German Shephard has been having problems with his paws since last Oct. Til this day he is still having problems due to Banfield misdiagnosing him.

I have been paying on the health plan for the past 3 yrs. My husband and I have been very upset with the way things have been handled and them trying to guess what is wrong with him. I had to bring him to an outside vet so he can be diagnosed correctly within 5 mins they knew and prescribed the correct medications. His paws were so inflamed and sore it was a wonder how he can tolerate to walk and run on them.

However, Banfield refuses to discontinue our insurance and still wants payment even though they are at fault. I have documentation and pictures to show just how bad my dogs paws are. All they care about is getting their money and to keep having you come back. Since Oct we have spent well over $1,000 for only his paws to get worse.

I do not recommend taking your pet to Banfield, the manager has done a poor job handling this matter and continues to seek payments.

I don't know about anyone else, but if it was me if I wasn't getting better I would seek a second bad I did not go sooner, for my pet has been suffering due to their negligence. There is no such thing as customer service anymore.......I do not recommend getting the insurace through Pet Smart....the outside vet I went to was actually much cheaper than Banfield with the insurance.....greatly disappointed and poorly handled.....

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Banfield isn't the same thing as petsmart, they partner together but they're not actually involved. Banfield is owned by Mars... as in the candy company


Well if you want to get technical, Banfield Pet Smart the same in my book. Pet Smart trimmed my dogs nails, went to Banfield for appt and stated my dogs nails were too long.

Both did a horrible job and put my dog through a lot of unnecessary testing and trauma. Banfield gave us a hard time because we wanted to discontinue the insurance through them after paying for 3 years and didn't treat my dog accordingly.


I will never use PetsMart grooming or Banfield again I started a plan with Banfield so I started taking my dog to get groomed there, well everytime I took him they would be really rough with him so my dog would react they never groomed him well he always had patches left on him it was horrible!! Then as for the Banfield planthe charged me 86 dollars 2 times and debited them out of my account when I called the put me on hold forever and couldnt figure out why those charges were there I cancelled the plan of 35.00 a mnth their customer.

service is a dump!! and so are the groomers