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Hi. My name is Bailey. I was a healthy, 12 pound pure bred Maltese living in a wonderful home for 8 years with plenty of love and everything I ever needed. My parents took me to the doctor at Banfield in Pet Smart, Saratoga Springs, NY, to get some flea medicine for me. After a while, I began to get very sick. I was taken back to the Vet – TWICE. The second time was after my brother came home and found me in a pool vomit and immediately drove me to the Vet. There, my family came and supported me. They watched as I continually twitched, trembled and struggled to breath as my incompetent doctor who forgot to read about the side effects of the drug she prescribed to me, told my family that there was no hope of recovery, and after a while began suggesting / encouraging them to kill me and going on further to suggest that they should also be cremate me afterward (to eliminate any evidence of her wrongdoing). I suffered for quite a while. After watching me suffer for quite some time, my Mommy decided to stop the pain and put me to sleep. I heard them cry as the doctor put the needle in the catheter, killing me unnecessarily. Afterward, they put me in a previously used cardboard box and carried me out to my mom like trash. My mommy yelled at them and said "NO, I will carry my baby out". They took me home and buried me. I still can hear them crying over my grave and miss them very much.

I think that the doctor and any others responsible for my wrongful death should pay for my unnecessary and wrongful death!

PLEASE GOD, do not let my death be in vane. Tell everyone not to use that place and make them pay!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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we put first shield on our cat one week ago, since then it has been straight down hill, he has lost 1 1/2 pounds, not eating, in pain as i write this he is at Bansfield with an IV in him and we just went to see the doctor who did not sound positive about his survival, people do not put this on your pets from everything i have read its toxic. Petsmart is the only one who sells it, they wont say anything bad about it.


I am very sorry for your loss that is very sad and very much NOT banfield's fault.


I'm very sorry for your loss, but something doesn't add up here. Are you implying that your pet had a reaction to the flea medication?

Or some other drug? And if your pet did have a reaction, why are you saying that it is the doctor's fault? It seems to me that there could have been many reasons why your pet got sick, especially if it happened "after awhile." I have brought my pets to this hospital for years and the doctors and staff have always been fantastic.

Very competent and very compassionate. While I'm sure this was a traumatic situation one has to wonder why you are blaming the doctor and so anxious to be paid.


I am so sorry for your loss, reading this brought tears to my eyes, I pray you'll have some peace knowing your dog is in a better place now.

Banfield Pet Hospital


I am very sorry that you had to lose such a close member of your family and hope you and your family are recovering well.

The accusations you refer to are taken very seriously by Banfield, and we would like the opportunity to discuss your experience with you. If you are comfortable calling us, you can reach our Client Advocate Team by calling 877-500-2288.

Thank you, and sorry again for your loss.


I'm very sorry for your loss...

while the story was very moving could you please give more information (what was the medication and what was said between the two of you)