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About a month ago our beloved family member Kitty was having some major health issues. We were urged by the staff at Banfield to have Kitty put to sleep. While that was hard and not an easy choice, we felt it was the right one to make.

We decided that we would like to have her cremated and made it very clear how we expected respected to be paid to our family member. After some delays in the return of Kitty's remains and a few back and forth calls, we were told by Banfield's staff that Kitty was "lost". After some additional back and forth we came to find out that she had been placed under a "General" cremation order instead of a "Private" cremation as was instructed. It was explained to us that the sticker used must have been wrong on pick up because in their system it is listed as a private cremation.

Do these people not check their records on both sides? Do they just rubber stamp everything? Makes me wonder how any others this has happened too. My wife and I are devastated at this additional loss. Loosing a family member of 18+ years and now this? I would have preferred to have been lied too!

I will never get my Kitty back. Not even the ashes. My family is heart broken all over again.

Thanks Banfield.

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Sweets my lovely family im so sorry. Ur baby/ kid will be in my prayers, i know i cant help like i wish i could save all the animals in this world and save only humans that want to be with animals through pure love.

My sister my parents cats just passed n id been to sunset n they charge a $100 view fee, on top they put ur baby in but dont push the button on the crematorium, so they r proably stick other animals in, it doesnt bother me cuz ill pray fro that baby to with mine maybe they can hold hands n have company n new friends until they reach there des. The problem is not everyone is gonna want that n its understandable. Love. Take it easy my sis passed last night n i feel empty.

Take it easy always.



Everyone should arrange for their own pets cremation, leaving it up to your vet. opens it up for the possibility of getting your pet into a group cremation situation.

Contact a smaller family owned pet crematory when possible. The large volume pet crematories which handle mass disposals could easily make this mistake and the smaller the crematory the better your service is going to be and fewer pets are easier to keep up with. If the crematory your considering using has a "Tracking system" that means at one time they probably had a problem and needed a tracking system.

If the crematory is picking up one pet at the time....then there is no problem. :-)


just found out only a few hours ago after 2 weeks of waiting and calling that our cat Paris was put into cremation w/other animals I am absolutely heartbroken it was our first animal we ever had to "put down" and the little bit of peace I had was getting him back!! I am sick to my stomach over this it's something that can never be given back!!!


EXACTLY the same thing just happened to us (found out this evening after 2 weeks waiting to receive Johnny's ashes). Absolutely devastated.

We were hesitant to use their (or anyone's) cremation services in the first place - no guarantee you're getting your beloved pet's ashes back vs. a box of random ashes. But now we have NOTHING back.

Now we have to explain to our poor 8 year old boy (Johnny was his "son"). Curious - how did Banfield respond?


Wow, this is one of the few valid complaints I've seen on here. A lot of them are BS, but for this one Banfield was actually at fault.

The cremation site only followed the instructions on the sticker. Banfield used the incorrect label. Somebody probably wasn't paying close attention.

I am sorry for your loss. =(


Hatefly, on behalf of Banfield I want to say how sorry we are for the loss of your pet. We are currently unaware of this situation and urge you to call our Client Advocate Team to discuss.

The number is 877-500-2288. Losing a member of the family is very difficult, and we wish you and your family the best during this time.


@Banfield Employee. Here are the facts.

1. Of course Banfield didn't "lose" my pet, read what I said. This is what I was told.

2. I know Banfield contracts with outside companies, that should have been obvious by my complaint. Read: "on pickup"

3. Banfield keeps it's own records in their own system. This system either records an animal for pickup by a cremation facility as Private or General.

4. A sticker or other attachment to an animal is placed - depending on banfield center as some are different - listing the type of cremation needed per Banfields records.

5. The cremation facility has its own records as well.

6. The pick up order label/sticker was mislabeled as general, not private

7. Banfields system of record had Kitty listed as Private cremation.

8. Banfield creates the stickers/labels themselves

9. Both Banfield and the cremation facility failed to verify their documents.

Those are the facts. Blame lies with Banfield more.


For your information Banfield did not lose your pet, the third-party cremation company lost your pet. Banfield never has cremated any pet and does not even have a cremation facility.

They work with local companies(depending on its location).

That company come and picks up the body and mails it back. Your trouble is with the cremation company, not banfield

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