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Banfield pet hospital is a ripoff. I called to see how much it would cost for my puppy to be neutered and they told me that they couldn't give me a price over the phone and that I would have to come in and get a $40 exam for my puppy and then they would discuss the prices for neutering with me afterwards.

They are clearly all about the money since my puppy has to get an exam before they can even talk about other prices. I'll stick with eastside animal hospital.

I was going to use banfield because they are located on my side of town but no thanks. Total joke!

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  • On W 86th street
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We have used Banfield Pet Hospital with both of our dogs. Our St Bernard/Rottie mix in FT.

Wayne Indiana and our Lab mix in Tulsa Oklahoma. I have found that they are very knowledgeable and have made the right calls for both pets. Unfortunately we had to have our dog put down at 7 by the vets in Ft. Wayne.

The Dr actually listened to what we had to say before our decision was made by us. although they might be a little pricey they do have a good reputation for the care that they give.


To Allie: it reads like you are saying the same thing as the person you say you dont agree with. that the price of a neuter can range hugely from $40 to over $350 and that the dr has to examine the pet before they can even give an accurate estimate.


I agree that an exam must be performed before giving a more accurate estimate; however, if the owner wants to discuss pricing before shelling out $40 for an exam fee, I think that's totally acceptable. I used to tell owners, "It starts at $X, but that doesn't include pre-anesthetic bloodwork or potential complications like being cryptorchid..." and I would discuss the different options with them that would affect pricing.

I disagree that the complaint was "nonsense" as the other commenter posted. It is perfectly reasonable to inquire about pricing, especially since it can be so reasonable. For example, some places will perform neuters without blood work, iv fluids, and blood pressure monitoring.

Other places REQUIRE all these things and it's built into the pricing. Since this is so variable, it is perfectly reasonable to inquire about pricing and protocol over the phone.


I disagree with "try-again-to-post." People will price shop for vets ALL THE TIME. I think it is very shady to tell people they have to pay $40 to know the price of a neuter.

There is a HUGE price gap in this service. I worked for a clinic that would do it as low as $40, and another clinic that started at $350. Obviously, what is included in the neuter varies a lot. We NEVER had a problem giving a price quote.

The ethical and honest thing to do would not be to take $40 from the owner before providing a quote, but to say something along the lines of, "Our usually neuter package starts at $XX, which includes (neuter, pain medication, e-collar, blood work, IV catheter and fluids, etc).

There are factors that may change the price, such as if the dog's *** have not fully descended or if he has a medical condition. These variables can be determined by an examination, and then we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate."


Since my 1st comment about this was deleted let me try again.

This complaint is nonsense. Any GOOD vet will of course have to examine your pet BEFORE they can give you an accurate estimate.

Anyone willing to give you an 'over-the-phone' estimate needs to advise you that this 'pet-unseen estimate' is highly variable. Here is why. If your pet is cryptorchid (i.e one or both of his *ahem* nuts) didn't drop then they surgery could mean having to go into the inguinal canal or abdomen to find & removed the retained one/s. This can add a significant extra cost due to the extra time it takes to do.

Also if your pet is old or has any underlying heart/endocrine/respiratory diseases it could make anesthesia a lot more risky & mean that the vet will need to use different drugs or further testing to tell if it is even safe to put your pet under anesthesia at this time. Even young apparently healthy pets can have genetic diseases that you as an owner would have no way of being able to tell if they had or not. Exams are 100% necessary to provide accurate estimates & to make sure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Is $40 really the make-or-break factor here?

Shouldn't it be your pets health? Don't be a chump & get your pet neutered somewhere that doesn't care enough to make sure your pet is healthy 1st!!!!


Actually my puppy has been seen at another clinic since Ive had him on the east side of town where he has reviewed examinations, all of his shots and etc. This has all been within the last 3-4 months so I know that my puppy is healthy.

I just didn't want to drive over 30 minutes across town to get him neutered when there is a place closer. so to answer your question, it's not about the $40. I'm just thinking $40 for an exam and then some outrageous price for the actual service I am requesting to have done. How do I know if the service is a reasonable price??

I wont know until i have the exam done and they tell me the price. what if i decide not to have it done there because the other clinic is more reaaonable.

I'm out of $40. That's what I think is ridiculous.



But I have decided to go with my regular clinic. This procedure is not something I want to leave in the hands of total strangers who don't know my puppy anyway. Tomorrow is the big day :)

Thank you!

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