Spokane, Washington

Oh Whatever Amanda,

If you are just looking to score points to get a higher position, I won't be voting for you. You try walking in our shoes first before you go trying to get all supportive of your job.

You are just hoping one of the Vets actually sees your review. I don't appreciate being taken advantage of. The cost of things these days are already out of control, so Banfield should be looking to help people keep the cost down.

If they take care of the animals as well as you say they do, then they would do it anyway, no matter what the cost.

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Wow, Amanda, You amaze me. you aren't worried about your job?

Why not post what hospital you are from on your next rude comment then.

I really understand if clients are dealing with you, why they are so very upset. I can't begin to apologize enough for it.


first off. i dont want a higher postion.

i love my job. I could care less if a Doctor saw my review? haha. Wow some of you people out there have seriously lost it.

When you go to the doctor is it free? if you need medicine is it free? No. We offer wellness plans that save you over half of what your pet would need at MONTHLY payments.

And an additional percent off other services we offer. Sometimes we get busy, sorry if you have to wait in the lobby for twenty minutes because we have a dog in a room who could potentionally have a serious health problem. Also the doctor at our hospital always knocks off prices for good clients who thought about the money they might have to spend on keeping their pet healthy. Think about it...

if you didnt brush your teeth for ten years... like most likely your pet.

youd have some health issues, am i right? so quit whining and dont come to our hospital if you dont like the way we love and treat your pets like family.


If you can't afford an animal don't have it, and don't expect the hospital's to lower charges to accomadate your lack of money. There are low cost clinics everywhere. MEDICAL CARE COST MONEY...

@uh huh

Besides when they kill your pet you don't have that cost anymore! Thanks Banfield!!