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They have no compassion. They just want your money.

They have too many pets scheduled for treatment in one day. The animals are not handled with care. The ladies at the front desk will act very nice to you and your pet. They will give compliments and everything.

But when you leave, they put her in a cold cage for hours. They will disagree with you when you get there to pick up your pet instead of give you your pet to take home so he/she can rest like recommended.

There was no compassion. I wanted to cry when I saw my puppy come towards me with a cheap e-collar and wet eyes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: False advertising of services offered, Very poor customer service, Lied about what tests would show.

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I'm sorry that you had a bad experience.

I absolutely love the specific location that I work at.

The Veternarians and staff (both techs and receptionists) I work with are the most compassionate people I've ever met. They are in it for the pets, not the money. However, we are still a business and if we didn't make money we wouldn't be able to stay open. I work both as a receptionist and a vet tech.

I sincerely care about every single pet and the owners. Those are my 2 top priorities (patients and clients). I have been there for over 5yrs and I know almost every patient and owner who comes in, without even having to ask who they are. We only have 1 doctor per day working at my location and even if all the appointments run on time, we almost always still have people who want to walk in for their sick/injured pet and we do have the occasional emergency.

We don't want any sick pet to have to wait days to be seen, so we try our hardest to see them. We handle every single patient with care.

As for the wet eyes, the e collar and the kennels.. The wetness around the eyes post surgery aren't generally tears. It's the ointment they use to lubricate/close the eyes during surgery so they don't dry out.

The e collar, although it seems cheap (I thought the same thing the first time we ordered it ) but they seem to work pretty well for most pets. As for the kennels. They have a towel and/or blanket in the kennel with them. After surgery, they usually have a heating pad as well.

The pets are taken out multiple times. First to get blood/temp/heart rate &exam by a tech, then taken out again for the doctor to take a look and pre medicate. Then once the pre meds are effective, they take the pet out again and place the IV catheter, then they go straight to the operating table. After surgery we extubate and place them back in the kennel.

Then we let them rest and wake up on their own. I always let every owner know that the pets (not just surgeries either ) are taken out multiple times, non surgery patients are taken out to use the restroom if they are there for awhile, they have a fleece blanket in the kennel with them, non surgery patients get water etc. I want owners to feel comfortable leaving their pets in our care. I've sent quite a few really nervous owners a picture of their pet while they are with us and even show them the kennel.

Again, I'm truly sorry you had a bad experience. Even tho we are on opposite sides of the country, I always hate when someone has a bad experience. I just wish I could make it all right, it's the fixer in me.

I would suggest giving the location a call and speaking with the manager about your concerns. I sincerely hope that you have better experiences in the future

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