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We purchased the Wellness Plan for our new puppy. Low monthly payments, free office visits....sounded really appealing.

Took puppy in for shots got sick that night (Saturday) starting vomiting. Called 1st thing Monday morning and was told they didn't have an appointment until Tuesday at 3. I called other locations and same thing.... Puppy neded to be seen so at 4 I called and told them I was bringing him in.

So we get there and he had lost 5 lbs since Saturday. Dr Milner said he was dehydrated and gave him fluids and a pain med shot. Long story short....had him in again for fluids. Blood test wasn't ran until Wednesday and was told he could have lepto or poisoning and had kidney damage which could be permanent.

Wednesday they wanted to go X-rays to make sure he didn't eat something that caused a blockage.....hmmmm X-ray before blood work???? If a human goes to Er 1st thing is always blood work. Thursday AM we took him to a different vet and he was kept all day and night for fluids. Picked him up yesterday at 5:30 pm took him home for the night and back this morning for fluids.

Puppy is 100% better.

Please please please don't take your pet to Banfield. I also received a call from Banfield yesterday.....they were calling to check on him and see if he was......"still alive".

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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