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Please dont take your pet to Banfield hospital in Fayetteville, GA. They killed my pet ( my baby).

He was 10 months I only had him for 4 months. His name was Chow-Da.He was a Chihuahua. I brought him in for an injuried nail on 01/01/2013. He was also given all vacanations at once and dental treatment and put on heart worm, flea treatment, and pain meds.

When I got him home after his surgery, I noticed he was making strange sounds he never made before. I took him back to Banfield the next day and he was diagnosed with and upper resportiory infecting, which he didnt have until I put him in their care. They put him on allery medicine and antibiotics and my baby went down hill from there. I brought him back on the the 01/15 because the night before he was yelping in pain.

They said he was fine and to stop the medication they prescribed him. He died on 01/16/2013. They did nothing to save him, they wanted money first. Banfield should have done everything to save since him they was the cause of this.

I had to wind up putting him to sleep. I am still devasted by this 03/02/2013. Banfield had the nerve to call and remind me he had an appt. coming up.

Please don't take your pet to Banfield Hospital. I noticed alot of people similaries to my own. They want you to keep paying for the wellness plan also.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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You know for a fact that your "baby" caught the infection from Banfield? No you don't.

The vet put your dog on antibiotics and pain meds that is not overmedicating. I bet that if your pet would have been fine you wouldn't be saying it was overmedicated. You just want someone to blame.

And obviously you went back multiple times, so if you kept having problems, why didn't you get a second opinion? Im sorry for your loss but your comment seems the vet was doing his or hers job.


If you are so competent (did you go to vet school? I don't think so...) to assume that your puppy was being overmedicated, why did you purchase those medications and give them to your puppy?

You signed all the paperwork and approved all of the procedures, you didn't have to do that. You could have very easily paid the office visit and left if you felt that there were too many things being done to your baby at once or if you were uncomfortable. The death of your baby is hard, I know, but you shouldn't place blame and slander people that only did what you wanted (and signed off) for them to do.

Most people that work at a veterinary clinic do so because they love animals and want to help, no one wants to see the demise of a beloved pet on purpose and for you to assume that they "killed your baby" is ignorant. Maybe you should seek counseling for your grief.


I have gone to banfield many times, had some good experiences and some wtf moments. The wellness plan is trash, and when you realize you could be paying less for a better vet, they won't let you cancel your plan, even if you've had it for 3 years.

The meds they try to push on you are about 3 times or more the price you could get them from a regular pharmacy.

At banfield I have been overcharged, had to leave my puppy there for an entire day because they shot the wrong vaccine up her nose, and on top of it all one of the vets told me pits were terrible dogs, WHILE I WAS THERE WITH MY PITTY. Not to diss on all the vets there, some of them are great, but for the most part this is a waste of time and money.


Just like humans, pets can have allergies to medications. It happens.

Since the animal was only a puppy it is doubtful you would have known of any allergy, and neither would the vet.

My boxer is 5 years old, and having never been seriously ill or injured, I have no clue whether he is allergic to anything. And neither would my vet.


it wasn't an allergic reaction. He was over medicated.

He was on antibatiocs, allergy medicine for the upper respitory infection he caught under there care, pain killers, and the vaccines, and anthesia for his dental treatment. He was given all of this within a 2 week span. He was only 6lbs. I am very depressed by this.

This sent my depression through the roof.

I hate Banfield Hospital and I wish someone would do them what they have done to my baby. Banfield employees should suffer the same fate as their patients.


He probably already had an upper respiratory infection and you just did not know since he probably did not display the symptoms yet. He was on allergy medication because the vet felt he had an allergy to the medication, which if the animal were human, is exactly what a doctor would have done.

He was a puppy. In most cases, vaccines and medication for an injury would not have harmed him. In your case, it did. It happens, with humans and animals. That is why the give you the care sheet of side effects to look for.

I am sorry your puppy died. But unless you can prove the vet did anything wrong, you have to accept that the puppy was not very healthy when you got him. You said you only had him 4 months, and if he was 10 months old when you got him, then you have no idea what the first 6 months of his life or health was like.

Our boxer has always been healthy as I stated previously. We found out Friday that he has lymphoma. We took him to the vet (not Banfield) for excessive drinking and peeing, thinking he may be diabetic. When the antibiotics did not work, I took him back for bloodwork. He has cancerous cells. The vet certainly did not give my dog cancer. His body did. Now we go back for xrays and biopsy to see where it is and how aggressive and to see what, if anything, we can do for him.

It would be nice to blame the vet, but the simple fact of the matter is that no matter how healthy a person or pet is, they get sick and die. And we have to deal with it.


Lady Scot and varies other Banfield supporting trolls. Really!?

Banfield is known for not properly disinfecting between clients, over medicating, and over vaccinating small dogs. Why!? It makes them money! Fluffy goes to the vet and has a reaction to the over load of vxs, and Banfield makes money on treating the animal.

These facilities make bank on unsanitary conditions because URI and infections cost money! Banfield does not have a sick and well waiting rooms as ethical vets do. Why? If a animal catches anything MONEY!

The bottom line is money! This place killed her dog. All of you should be ashamed! Her dog is died because of this unethical company.

I hope all of you loose your pets to these butchers. Go find your hearts and compassion. BANFIELD SUCKS, AS DO ITS SUPPORTERS. Looking how cruel and heartless all you are, go and worship the devil or whatever Banfield groupies do.

I do not know, kick a puppy, whatever you sickos do for fun, and leave the victims of Banfield alone. You all are *** you love animals.... More lime torturing and killing them.

That is what Banfield does, after financially raping pet parents! *** all!