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I took my ferret to the vets at Banfield because his eyelid was swollen. They assured me when I called that they were familiar with ferrets and would see him.

Three visits later they told me that I would have to take him to another vet because they "didn't know what was wrong." When I took him to another vet at a private practice he was able to diagnose my ferrets problem and take care of it in one visit.

I wish they'd have told me to begin with that they weren't familiar with ferrets - as far as I'm concerned, they wasted my time and my money and I will never return to Petsmart or Banfield again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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PetSmart in general sucks. They are overpriced and they treat their employees like ***.

I worked there and in the app *as all employers do* they asked what I would like my pay to be. well these people actually go by it. and I was the lowest paid employee in the store. I went from cashier to the salon.

Big mistake. I was always getting in trouble for my dogs bieng wet when they went home. Coincidentally it was only happening after I had left from my shift. Might I mention I was also training for petcare at the time?

I had a feeling one of the managers didn't like that I was so "well versed" in the company and I think she was threatened. I brought this up with my manager, and was basically told they have no proof that my dogs were bieng sabotaged. well, there were other employees in the salon when this was going on!!

I enjoyed what I did, but ended up quitting for fear of termination and frustration of bieng yelled at daily! Needless to say the grooming salon I went to work for after that had no problem at all with my dog bieng wet except after thier baths and before I dried them!