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Originally we thought we were getting a good plan. On one of our first visits our doberman had his teeth cleaned.

He was put under sedation. We picked him up and he wasn't himself. It took three days for him to return to normal. I told another pet owner of our experience.

I was told that Banfield has a reputation for over sedating. We decided to never have his teeth clean there again. We recently had a emergency on a Sunday. I's difficult to get an appointment on weekends for an emergency.

We took our dobie to another well reviewed vet in the area. This new vet gave our dog the most thorough examination my dog had ever had complete with xrays. The xrays revealed hip dysplasia. The vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication and glucosamine.

He got better. We called Banfield to cancel the health plan. We were told we would still have to pay on the plan until our anniversary date then we could cancel. They said they would place the plan on non-renewal.

Being retired and on fixed income we were stuck. My dog started experiencing problems with is hip again. The dog is 10 and a half years old. We took him back to Banfield since it was time for his regular checkup for his dog tags.

We explained the problem to the doctor. Or dog was also in a lot of pain and was experiencing tremendous difficulty walking . The vet at Banfield updated his immunization shots and gave us two precriptions to treat the pain. When asked about an anti-inflammatory drug called Norvox they just said it was hard to get and was hard on dogs.

We were told it would take several days for the pain meds to work. Part of the prescription was in short supply so we would need to return o pick-up the balance (poor inventory control). Realizing it would take time for the meds to work we started giving them to him as prescribed. I did expect some improvement but he got worse.

He wouldn't eat he had a hard time just lying down, he had high anxiety and I was afraid I would have to put him down. After a week I called the other vet and explained what was going on. I questioned the treatment for pain and my concerns about why they didn't treat the inflammation. I told the vet what Banfield said about the anti-inflammatory drug.

The vet said it could cause problems if taken over a long period of time but not in the way we would be using it. The meds Banfield prescribed only handle they way the brain responded to the pain, which was obvious by the way the dog was acting. It did not treat the cause. My new vet gave us the same treatment he had before and we took him off the meds prescribed by Banfield and started him on the other treatment.

Within one day he started showing improvement. It has been less than a week and he is eating, acting like a dog again and is enjoying his walks.

I guess now I will just continue to pay for the health plan at Banfield until it expires, but it isn't worth it to take him back. I just no longer trust them with my pet's health.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Staff was friendly.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Over sedating my dog, Not treating cause of health problems, I expected my dog to get better not worse.

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Again, classic example, of, over sedation, of, animals. Why, Banfield, has to,do, over dose, they're animals, is, beyond, me, unless the reason is, to, charge extra.

Either way, after the animal awakes, and is , groggy, by, law, are supposed to, not, release the animal, until, animal is, returned to stable condition. This is a fact.

So, Banfield, get you're act together, stop this, phonieness, or, you'll be reported. You can take that to the bank.

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