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I paid for everything for a dog that I was giving to my boyfriends niece (over $300 paid in full for "ALL" shots, except the distemperment) as a gift and I had her put on the account on my account, because Banfield does not transfer accounts as I was told by Jessica (corporate office) in their accounts department and by Amika (Newport News, VA store). I replied,"If I opened an account and paid all this money, then my boyfriends niece would have to start account and pay again".

I felt this is a rip off and this is how Banfield makes their money, which is not right. When my boyfriends niece took the the dog to get information on the dogs shots in order to pay her pet fee at her apartment, she was told my Amy and the Veterinarian (Newport News, VA) that she could not get any information. I could not figure out why, when "EVERTHING" was paid and up to date. This caused her to take the dog to another veterinarian to get shots, the dog already had at the cost of $150.

I then went back to the store where I started the account and they told me to call their corporate office to let them know. When I called the corporate office, Jessica stated "I do not know why they told you to call the corporate office".

I thought when you have a problem that is who you are supposed to call to get better information. I still have not found out why she was refused information from either of the these people and I am now waiting for the Manager Heather (Newport News, VA store) to call me back.

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my precious little dog-she got sick took her to banfield hospital the next day and they ran my bill up to 1000.00 and could not tell me what was wrong, took her back two days later because she could not even hold her little head up, they did another x-ray and finaly saw what was going on---BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. took her to emergency room and ONCE AGAIN TOO LATE SHE WAS TOO WEAK.

well i lost her and it broke my heart and i am crying at this time because she was so special to me.

I have two other dogs that were going there but never again. took all my money and my dogs life--so sad


If the dog was put under your account and your name, the clinic can only give those records to you. If you knew you were giving the dog to someone else you should have gotten copies of all her records to give to that person. I'm not sure why they couldn't explain that to you but that is most likely the reason that they would not give her the dogs records.