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Banfield Pet Hospital of HORRORS is involved in a major law suit with Dr. John Robb, who has a web site "Protect the Pets".

You can find thousands of negative reviews online regarding Banfield's price gouging, un-cerified tech's harming animals. Go to Glassdoor online and see what employees of Banfield think of them. This OBSCENE Banfield has the death of many beloved pets in their money grubbing hands. Banfield made $187.8 BILLION in 2011 and John F.

Mars the owner, has a personal wealth of $13.5 BILLION all made on maiming/killing our pets and gouging people out of money. Google online about Banfield......the reviews/stories are beyond sickening what this corporation has done.

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Banfield Pet Hospital is an OBSCENE RIP OFF!! This corporation preys on your love, loyalty to your rip you off!

The cost of a furosemide (water pill) is .82 cent a pill at Banfield Pet Hospital. At Walgreen's,'s .14 cents a pill!!!! The owner of Banfield Pet Hospital Mars Candy Company. John Mars the Chairman of Mars is worth $13.8 BILLION!!

And this A$$WIPE lets Banfield Pet Hospital rip off senior citizens and other consumers!!! FRAUDULENT, OBSCENE CORPORATION.......BOYCOTT THEM!!

Banfield charges an OBSCENE 8 to 10 times the cost of medications. Search online....thousands of complaints

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you can always ask the vet to write a script if you dont want to pay for the medication from the hospital. so what if the corporation has money, not all the hospitals are run by the corporate office and at the end of the day it is a hospital.


The Bandfield I uses Price Matches. The human urgent care centre I use charges more than Target.

Get up off you *** and go get it.


Veterinary clinics private or corporate make on average 14-17% profit which is very low compared to other businesses. The staff is often underpaid and overworked. Fortunately most appreciate what we do and make it worthwhile.


Doesn't Banfield charge the same for the medicine as target, Walmart, Walgreens, cvs? The .82 price is for the name brand. .14 is the price of the generic which Banfield does not carry because they aren't a retail pharmacy.


This is the same for almost all veterinary clinics, corporate or private owned so it doesn't make sense just to pick on one place. Because there is no insurance like there is in human medicine to reduce prescription costs or help cover procedures most vets actually make a loss or only minimal profit on most appointments/small procedures due to the cost of paying for the vet/nurse/receptionist/hospital/equipment etc so mark-ups on medications are very very common.

Don't forget, veterinary medicine is a business too & vets/nurses often have student debt worth dozens up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off. I think a lot of people forget this. IT IS NOT A CHARITY, if you want veterinary clinics to continue to exist the costs have to be covered somehow. FYI almost all of the money that the Chairman of Mars makes has nothing to do with Banfield, it comes from candy/other company sales.

Have a look at what the "Mars' company includes - it is HUGE. As a whole Veterinary practices, even corporate ones are not 'money makers'

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