Antioch, Tennessee

Just took my 4 year old Golden to Banfield Veterinary Hospital in Henderson,NV for an ear infection. One of the meds prescribed by the Vet was Tresaderm Solution Bottle (15ml) at $49.99.

I looked up this Medication on Line at the Pet Pharmacy and it was only $29.99. We moved here from Calif. and I have to say that we've been to at least 4 different Vets and we find they offer "So Called Specials or Discounts", usually a discounted fir visit or Exam. Then they jack you up for the Meds unmercifully.

Thats why we have so many Pets being abandoned and going untreated for health issues. Also it is unfair for the Vets to control the Pharmaceuticals and the dispensary thereof.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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i agree petsmart medications are over price :cry


$50 for Tresaderm is way high. I bet the neighboring veterinary hospitals in Henderson are no where near $50 for a bottle of Tresaderm.

Its misleading to say that online pharmacies are cheap because the drug is about to expire.

Fact is they are NOT expired. Are you a banfeild chronie?


The reason pet medication websites are so cheap is because a lot of the times they are selling about to expire products. Just because they are animals does not mean they get any less quality of medications then we do.

Do you ever check to see how much you would pay for your medical expenses if you didn't have insurance. Don't have a pet if you can't afford to take care of it!!!


Nooo....those prices are the same whether u pay for a visit or not. And vets at banfield don't set any prices. Do your research before Mamaking yourself look like an ***.


Ask for a hand written Rx. In NV the vet has to give that to you.

Then u csn get the meds at a more reasonable price. Sadly, you moved to the wrong city so yeh GL with that...