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Our dog was on enrolled in the Optimum Wellness Plan through Feb 2014. We did not renew the plan because of a particular experience that we had.

In November 2013, while we were still enrolled in the plan, our dog Buddy had an accident where he injured his legs. This happened on a Sunday. When my husband took Buddy to Baffled, the receptionist said that they could not see pets in emergency situations and to take him to the local emergency animal hospital.Funny, because the sign behind the desk says that animals with emergencies would be seen first. She also said that there was only one vet working that day so he would not be able to see him.

When we signed up for this plan we were sold a bill of goods that our pet would receive VIP treatment there in addition to receiving discounts on services. Well, that didn't happen. We had to go to another hospital where we had to pay a hefty office visit that we supposedly would not have had to pay under the plan as well as a lot for X-rays. The Emergency hospital did little more than what Banfield could have done & we spent well over $700 in the process. I will not recommend this plan or hospital because of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I'm not sure why you think that paying $30 a month entitles you to any and all veterinary services for free. Yes it is for an animal, but now that does not make xrays or medication any cheaper.

And when one doctor is working alone and they are fully booked with appointments and treating sick pets they tell you to go to the ER becuase they simply cannot take on any more cases and provide the necessary care for all the animals under their supervison. Try to think about that before you decide to start blaming a stressed out, underpaid veterinarian bc they cant see you imediately and provide you with $1000 worth of diagnostics and treatment for free.


It depends on which plan you were on. The only plan that includes xrays is the Special Care Plan.

These "Optimum Wellness Plans" ARE NOT INSURANCE, they are PREVENTATIVE CARE PACKAGES; therefore, any diagnostic testing or any other services needed in the event of an emergency that are not listed within your plan are obviously not covered under your plan. However you do get the wellness plan discount which others do not get.

The people that work there are HUMANS too. The only reason any office would encourage a pet to go to an emergency clinic would be if a clinic were closing or if there were only one doctor or if there were other emergencies that they were dealing with at that time.


you know those papers they give you when you sign up for the Wellness plans DO explain what it entails. It's not pet insurance, it's annoying all these complaints about the wellness plan BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ BEFORE SIGNING!

People want services without paying for them. tsk tsk

@My pets have wellness plans

all of these complaints aren't because of not knowing what the wellness plan entailed. Some of these complaints are due to negligent pet care given to some of the smaller breeds that the vets and Bandfield are NOT used to treating.

The wellness plan does cover what is paid for and what is not.. I was told I got a discount when purchasing other items and care.. I was told by my vet we see for problems and NOT just wellcare like shots and such, to not let them give some of the "extra items they push".. why give a shot of benadryl to cover any reactions the pups might have, when you would want to know that the pup is having a reaction.

Why give coronavirus when it clearly documented that it does nothing, that shot came about because of dogs dying with parvo and vets and others thinking it was coronavirus. Lepto is for wild animals and most of the smaller dogs are NEVER in contact with wild animals, but that shot is pushed and used routinely when it isn't needed. I think Banfield needs to be addressing issues with the smaller breeds 10 pounds and less. Read through these complaints and see how many are small dogs that have died, overdosed on flea preventions or shots.

It takes a bit of specialized knowledge when dealing with a dog thats much smaller than most babies and pets.. when you have dogs that are 1-5 pounds common sense should tell you that can't give what most 10-50 pounds dogs take or are given. Banfield treats these little guys the same. I just read online where one banfield messed a little yorkies trachea up because he used an intubation tube that was too big for the little thing.

The lady is now wondering if her dog will live or end up with a dog wheezing and complications for the rest of his life. So before you say people want something for free, read all these complaints.. a lot are legit not just people who mistakingly thought their wellness plan was an insurance plan. No its a wellness plan that covers what each individual plans states, for well care not for sick or injured animal.

I just wish I had known all these complaints or issues were here before I trusted Banfield with my beloved pets.

@one who dislikes unqualified v

FYI- Lepto is transmitted through urine of wild animals such as birds, raccoons, and rodents. The one case of Lepto that I have been exposed to in 3 yrs of working at a vets office was with...A SMALL BREED DOG!

Oh, and yes, the puppy DIED! It was an inside pet and the owners were not certain of how the puppy was exposed. And Lepto is contagious to humans as well. Yes, it has to be through contact with urine, but Lepto causes kidney failure, which causes the animal to *** a lot (EXCESSIVELY!!!), and in these cases, most pet owners don't have gloves at home to clean up urine with.

Can't you honestly say would you wash your hands before touching ANYTHING else after cleaning up dog *** for the 20th time in a day? The vaccine is included on the plan and is available, but the owner has the option to decline it.

And, if you don't want to pay for a pre-treatment for possible vaccine reaction...give *** Benadryl yourself at home! Every vet office will tell you that, not just Banfield!