Anytime we brought our dog in, we felt very pressured to pay for all the extras that are not included in membership. My suspicion is that because we were not paying for office visits the vets and vet techs were trained to up-sell on medications, procedures and products.

When we declined some of these extras, we felt a great level of disapproval as if we were making poor decisions for our dog. Ultimately they preyed on our love for dog to make extra money. When we decided to cancel our plan they said they would waive our last payment if we wanted to try it for one more month but failed to mention it would automatically renew for the next year unless we caked back.

So I was surprised when an automatic payment was taken from my account. It was a pain to ensure they did not try and hold me financially accountable for another whole year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Read your contract, I read mine it says it renews! Take responsibility for yourself.

I say no to a nail trim, I run a business and why wouldn't you offer services? Really sounds like the problem is you!


Really sounds like you are an ***! Cuz Banfield does not prey on people's love their animals, and *** them into buying unnecessary procedures and medications! You are a ***

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