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i want to know where my review is ….I wrote in April or early may, 2019

I had a horrible expwerience with Banfield's in Davis, CA. I was asked to do a 'video' or a recording in regards to my review. But now I can't find it…..why?

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Dear Pissed Consumer user,

You may find the link to your review in your profile 

Or, you may see it by following the link 

In case, you are still interested in recording the video interview, you may reach out to Pissed Consumer Social Media team at 


Pissed Consumer Help Center Team


Dog euthanasia

by Nicole

Hi, I have a couple questions Banfield hospital’s policy reguarding dog euthanizing. Do they require proof of ownership?

And what does that entail? Also how much does it cost to have a dog cremated and how long will it take until I can pick up the ashes?

Last, I’d like a copy of the paperwork that’s required to sign before the dog euthanasia begins. Thanks, Nicole vom Cleff

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by Nikiyah

What happens if I am transferred to a geographical area where there is not a Banfield Clinic?

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Surgeries done outside of Bansfield

by Zacariah

Does Bansfied cover any part of surgeries done by a Neurologiest?

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by Anaisha

How much will I owe if I cancel one wellness plan opened 1/04/2016 & another opened 7/09/2016.

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Where can I find an official complaint form to submit for Banfield to review?

by Harvy

I have spoke to a local Banfield hospital manager but they are no help. I'm very frustrated dealing with them.

They mislead us. They are so unprofessional to work with. Where can I find an official complaint form to submit for Banfield to review?

This matter must be submitted for the upper management to review. Thank you, Lyndsey

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