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A recent visit to a Banfield Hoospital in the Phoenix metro area called Paradise Valley for a rabbis vaccine for our 8 year old female boxer turned into a nightmare. I specifically requested no physical exam. We did ask for an estimate to remove two tags from her hind leg only. Moments later a quick glance into our dog's mouth and the Veterinarian (a young woman) confronted us with the scenario that our dog had a cracked canine tooth and it had to be extracted ASAP! It was presented as a scenario that could not wait. We were shocked since there no noticeable problems with her, and we've had boxers for 20 years. They are rough house dogs who like to play tug of war hard, and we've had some actually lose teeth because of their love to get crazy when they play. We could not have the procedure done immediately so we scheduled it for 1 week from the date. We were basically scared into acting. This young Vet was pretty slick in her presentation. We should have gone home and gotten a second opinion.

Anyways, she prescribed an antibiotic costing $150.00 for the week as a precaution. A week later we took her into the clinic at 7am and told we could pick her up around 3:30 to 4:00pm. At 4:30 I got a call from the vet and she said we had a problem. She could not complete the procedure. She said her saw started smoking and the extraction was too difficult and we needed to see a canine version of a dental specialist, plus there were 5 more cracked teeth that had to come out. I was very shocked and concerned about Angel's well being. She said we could pick her up at 6:30 pm. I asked if she would be there to answer questions for us, and if we could get a long term antibiotic script so we could explore our options, and she said yes. I did ask about the cost of the procedure she was recommending and she said $2,000 without hesitation, which really panicked me because of our finances.

When we went to pick up Angel, the Vet was not there. There were no notes, we did not know if more damage had been done to the tooth as a result of the failed procedure( a smoking saw left me very concerned that the situation that probably was OK to leave alone, as conversations with other vets have confirmed to me, had been made horribly worse). The poor gal at the front desk didn't know a thing about the situation, and I had to fight over the bill. The phone rang and it was the vet asking if we had been there. I think she was afraid to face us. She finally agreed to come in. Again she was very slick. I never found out about whether more damage had been done, and really don't expect I would have gotten an honest answer, since she had gotten so deep into this mess. I asked for a generic antibiotic. The script she gave me was for the $150.00 a week stuff and there was no substitution available. The next day I spoke to another vet and he recommended Keflex which has a generic. I had to make another trip to the clinic to get the new script, and a month's supply cost me $16.00!

Conversations with other vets have advised us to just keep an eye on it, and that just a visual probably wouldn't be enough to see what's going on without x rays. 2 Weeks have gone by, and so far, so good. I am very hopeful, but still haunted by what more damage may emerge from the failed extracted.

This has been a horrible nightmare, and a terrible price to pay both monetarilly and emotionally just because we needed a rabies vaccine. Very unprofessional, and I question the ethics as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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What's a rabbis shot? Does that prevent one from becoming jewish?


Nearly 4 months have passed since this obviously horrible diagnosis and botched proceedure and Angel has not had any problems with the tooth Dr. Johnson failed to extract or the 6 others she listed as problematic and needing to come out.

We've had boxers forever and they play hard and crack or lose teeth, and we have never had a problem such as Dr.

Johnson scared us into believing we had. My suggestion is that if you ever find yourselves in a similar situation, get a second opinion, or just wait and see for will save you a lot of grief and money!




As of the fateful date Friday the 13 th of March, Angel has shown no signs of the things Dr Johnson warned us about. Facial swelling, blood poisining, and abcess in the tooth area.

Rather she has considerable energy in playing, during her walks, and grabbing her rawhides without favoring either side of her mouth. It was presented to us that the threat was immediate within the first week. So far that has not been the case, thank God.. Everything we were led to fear might happen, so far has not.

Even the botched proceedure has not so far produced adverse effects, although I still fear it might. Our resiastance to see as pressured to, a cannine dental specialist at a cost of $2000 or more seemed to create a tension between Dr.

Johnson and my family. No alternatives were given or suggested to us, and I question the integrity and ethics with which that information was given to us, given what has transpired since that visit.


i am sorry for your experiance at banfield.

i work at a banfield in indiana and i love and trust the two vets i work with. and i cannot speak for every banfield in the area or the nurses or vets they employ.

but i know to get a rabies vaccine or any vaccine, banfield requires a Physical exam. If you had requested to not have one, and were insistint on it they would have told you to go somewhere else.

The reason for the physical exam is to have your pt looked at and to catch any potential problems before it is too late.

Nurse comes in and does a physical exam.

then vet comes in and does a physical exam.

Suggesting a tooth be removed right away sounds fishy to me too and i again cannot speak about the vet, but the vets i work with would have looked your pt over and at least suggested getting the tooth removed at a later time, or doing further diagnostics to see if there was a problem.

it is there responsibility to do this, so you are educated that there may be potintial hazards with your pt.

if you want a quick in and out for vaccines then i suggest you go to a vaccine clinic.

i honestly trust the vets i work with they will honestly do and suggest what is best for the PET , not what is best for the CLIENT.

There is such a thing as a second opinion, especially if you think something is going on. :zzz :cry


Peterneiko,I'm so sorry you had to go thru this experience with your beloved pets. Obviously the vet was out to make extra money.I would file a s many complaints as possible starting with the Better Business Bureau.I have cats & also rescue cats . We stopped going to the "big" name vets & found a not for profit vet who is wonderful & less expensive.