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I have a 3y/o American Bully. I took him in to Banfield for an exam due to weight loss and "happy tail" Upon entrance into the office i was getting scornful looks from the employees.

My dogs coat is white and had been bleed due to "happy tail" as its called by animal control. I had made an appt and the guy had gotten all info needed, but for some odd reason she had to get the same info a 2nd time as well as said to me you are bringing him in about his hair loss? He has no hair loss so i looked at her and said no! Well they "recommended" $400 of treatment.

I told them for that amount i would pass. They didnt even do a thorough exam of him. The next day I received urgent text mails and calls from my g/f stating to call her. She had informed me that animal control had been by the house and was going to put out a warrant for my arrest if i didnt get him treated immediately for weight loss,hair loss,and gash on tail.

Well i spoke with them and i told them that the report was false. so they came out to see him and they recommended that is running line to be extended 5-10ft longer because i took him out his kennel to let his tail heal. Animal control stated that Banfield reported to them that I had been fighting my dog!

I am so many things right now the way I really feel toward them! I have read all the comments of pissed customers, something must be done about the dissatisfied service to the many of customers.

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