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I got a new puppy. She was 7 weeks old and covered in fleas.

Being so young my first instinct was to give her a bath. Well, three later and she still had fleas so I called Banfield. I have 4 other pets on the wellness plan and had her scheduled to be as well. She was not due for her next shot but I had to take care of the fleas.

Banfield recommended First Shield Trio. My other dogs were due for treatments too so I purchased enough for all. I was happy to have that taken care of. The next morning I noticed my 13 year old Chihuahua was salivating profusely.

I thought he ate something outside and was not overly concerned. That night he started with muscle tremors. He was literally bucking his hind leg like a wild horse. I knew it was involuntary because he was so confused by it.

The same night we noticed that our puppy seemed super lethargic. I'm talking like a wet dish rag. We kept an eye on her and let her sleep. The next morning she was so week that she peed without standing which soaked her in her own *** She is a St Bernard/Akita mix so she's certainly able to take a simple *** correctly.

I called Banfield and the jerks refused to see her because the were busy and told me to take her to an emergency clinic. Are you kidding me?! I have 4 pets on the plan and will have 5 I said. I was again told to take her to emergency.

I asked if I could drop her off and she could be treated whenever they had a chance. Again, big fat no. I was LIVID. I immediately looked up vets in my zip code and found one who could see her right away.

Surprise Surprise both of my dogs under 10 pounds have toxic poisoning. It's only been 3 days but we do see tiny improvements. The Chihuahua so far only needed a couple of good dish liquid baths and the tremors have become less violent. He has stopped salivating.

The puppy has needed IV fluids, B12 shot, baths and if she is not better by tomorrow we have to go in for steroids which of course is not so great for a puppy.

Aside from giving poison to my dogs I have another horror story too. We had a 13 year old Chow/lab mix. We took her in for shots a month ago and they wanted to "express her glands".

They go to the back to do this. They lifted our 85 pound dog onto a table to do this. She had a heart attack and died in 2 minutes. We will never really know what happened.


Needless to say I have a new vet and I cancelled absolutely every plan with *** banfield. I will NEVER EVER use them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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any meds can cause a reaction. Every pet is different just like humans who can have a reaction to meds.

You can't blame the clinic. It says there maybe adverse reactions if you read the insert. And as far as your 13 yr old its just a weird coincident that happened. Your pet could have underlying issies you weren't aware of that's why they recommend yearly bloodwk and semi annual exam for senior pets.

Don't blame the clinic veterinary medicine is not 100% accurate just like the human side.

Would you blame your dr if you had a reaction to meds that you never took and or a disease that was left untreated because you didn't get anything done annually at your physical

You are just looking for someone to blame and understandably. Sorry for your loss.


As a former Banfield employee, let me say - the company sucks. I only worked for them a few months and was sickened and appalled at the shotty medicine they practice.

They are all about the money and not about the pets. They claim that they are al about the pets but then they ride their hospital managers and doctors about making more money more money more money. Those so called "wellness plans" are just a ploy to make money. 90% of their vets are straight out of school - mainly because the good vets gets wise and move on fast.

While I worked there, I don't trust my pets to them. Stay away from them.


Yep. Banfield sucks.

They gave me Firstshield to put on my cat and he had a reaction to it on his skin. Its taking me a coupme months to cure a severe hot spot with no help from them. In fact, the vet denied an allergic reaction and wanted me to purchase more firstshield and put it on my cat again ! Iy got lrogressively worse so I left a message telling them what the problem was with a hotspot and the dr.

Did not return my call either. They suck and I will not use them anymore.


My dog also is bucking out his back leg after getting first shield trio. He is freaked out by it (so am I).

This is obviously a neurological side effect. Called banfield and they said to wash the site off so I used dawn dish soap.

Hope he will be ok. I do not blame banfield but will never use this product again and dosage is obviously too much for an 11 pound dog.


I am surprised at the way you were treated. We usually service hoarders really well because we know how much you contribute to our profits.

@Mic***e Bouwman

Who the *** are you talking to? Hoarders, huh?

I think you need a profit to your face. These are legitimate issues. Banfield should be shut down with a class action suit. My friend's 2 kittens died from first *** shield this past fall.

Both exhibited neurological issues and could NOT WALK.

How about we put some of the garbage on the vets that are recommending it. Furthermore, this *** says "for dogs only" on the box and they are giving it to cat owners!!!!!