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I have a 10 month old Chinese crested who I signed up for the wellness plan a while back. They have been the only vet he goes to and I loved them.

Recently my dog started having some issues and acting really weird and I KNOW something is wrong so I took him to ban field. I lost my job a few months ago so I have 2-3 months of missed payments which I have full intent on paying once I have a job bc he needs to keep that. But they refused treatment told me they could not help with anything I told them that I could pay something on it but they refused so I'm sitting here trying to find help days later with a dog that needs to be looked at. Obviously I'm just another dollar so more than likely I will just pay the balance left on the insurance and cancel it out.

If they don't care enough to help me when my baby really needs help then they aren't worth a Penn I've put into them. Please do not start the mess about " if u can't afford this that and the third mayb u don't need a dog " stuff.

Things happen in everybody's life that puts u n situations so save it for somebody else. Im just putting my story out there bc a true hospital will help when a dog really needs it ESP when u have been a client of theirs for a long time

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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If your baby is still sick and you havent been able to get your care plan back up or didnt get the care credit mentioned in another comment, (which by BTW I have care credit also and it is awesome in case you are having insurance problems. I've used my care credit several times and what a great backup credit card it is).

Anyway, back to if your baby still has not been seen, if you live here in summerville, SC you can go to Sangaree Vet Care on Mainstreet by the interstate. They will work with you and let you pay the bill off.

Good Luck


I personally work for a banfield in Florida. There are other options then being turned away because you cant pay.

You can always apply for care credit its a payment plan. Ive personally seen my vets work with people. We do actually use the money people donate everyday but just like you people dont have money so we use that money to help dogs in emergencies like surgeries or dogs who are in dire need and trust me its not much what gets donated you would be surprised. We also give away FREE wellness plans to people who need it and really want to help their pets not people who walk in with attitudes because we wont pay their whole vet bills with their louie and gucci purses they are for people who really are in need.

Dont bash Banfield because we do alot for animals. Trust me do you think I come to work everyday for 12 bucks an hour no I LOVE MY JOB and LOVE HELPING ANIMALS.


Just to clarify, hospitals with turn individuals away if they can not pay. There are many cases of them doing this.

And also if you had not been making the monthly payments then, you can not expect a business to believe your word that you can pay for the services you need. You won't expect someone to fix your car with only your word you were going to pay them.


Id just like to say to Ity that hospitals dont turn away people because they cant pay. And its not the companies fault if a person cant pay but have a little respect for your patients and take payment plans( and fyi wellness plans ARENT payment plans).

Banfield just wants money..

so thats fine let them be money grubbers.. Thats why no one i know who has a pet goes there.


Wow, guess I am not the only one. First let me say my pet is 11 years old (last month)& except for a few ER visits;she has NEVER been to another vet.

I have spent thousand of dollars over the years on her and several other pets. Last June someone got my bank card info & was charging on it. I had to change accounts & forgot to notify Banfield. They sent me a letter, I called, gave them the new information, and dropped my other dog, who had been give away.

I was told I had 1 more payment on the one I dropped. I told them to take it out of new account. Problem solved, think again. Few month later took dog in for her exam & was told my account was in collection & they could not see her under the plan.

They had me call the billing department & I explained what had happened. Told them I would check the bank. They did see her that day. I got copies of bank stmnt & faxed them to billing.

They showed 2 payments within 2 days: the past due paymnet & the next month for both dogs. The person I spoke with told me he would contact me if there was still a problem. Did not hear anything, problem solved: NO. I got a call from a collection agency several week ago; I just paid the thing.

problem solved: NO. I called yesterday to make an appointment YEP account is still in collection. Called this morning; again. No record of faxed bank stmnt or payment made.

I had to give them the date & they had to verify with collection agency. Now I can finally use the plan I have paid for twice.

I will not ever reccomend Banfield again. If my dog wasn't so old & did not have to have her nails done by Dr, because PetSmart groomers messed up her nails with the nail grinder instead of cutting them; I would not use them anymore.


@ Me I do not know where it goes I donate often also and am a regular they know me and I tried to work with them...pay something down do a payment plan u know whatever could work for them bc my dog needed help but they refused. It was realllllly sad.

Happy to say I did take my baby to b seen somewhere and he is going to be fine he did indeed have an infection.

But he is back to his normal self now!! You should ask where the money goes bc it doesn't go to the pets who need immediate help in a bind.


Yea your comment kills me did u read the whole thing? I said keep that kind of stuff to yourself bc I don't care about comments like they.

I'm saying if the dog needs obvious medical attention and I'm willing to pay whet I can do a payment plan or wherever they should work with me. When a business or a practice won't work with you then it's a sorry one to me. When u put your time and money into something and your not satisfied you pull back on whatever it is.

I was willing to pay something or work something out and they weren't which *** ME OFF bottom line Ity. Thanks for the comment


Now, wait a darn minute! I donate money to Banfield when I take my dog there.

This money is to go to help people who are having a hard time paying for pet care. So, where on earth is the money going, when probably half of the people who take their pets there, donate? I know that the wellness plan (which we, too, have) does not cover emergencies, but I thought it did give discounts to those whose pets are on it.

That really makes me angry, and now when I take my pet there, I may have to say something, or just not donate anymore. Especially knowing that I myself may get into a bind one day, and they will do the same thing.


So... The hospital should assume financial responsibility for your pet because you can't?

It's a business. If they did that for everyone who couldn't afford treatment, they would go out of business. I work at a private practice, but reviews like this kill me. We get at least 5 people a day saying they can't afford treatment.

So should the hospital pay for those people? No.

Ultimately, it's your responsibility. Find money, ask family, get carecredit, or give up your pet if you can no longer afford it.


Call for what are u going to fix it so my dog can be seen? If not I'm wasting my time. How would u find my acct when my real name is not posted????

Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. Based on this information we are unable to identify your account. To address your specific concerns we would appreciate it if you would contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or ClientAdvocateTeam@banfield.net.