Union City, Tennessee

My chihuahua ate chocolate. I called banfield and asked what to do.

They said bring her in. I explained I only had eighty dollars in rolled quarter my kids were saving for a vacation. They told me they were not in the business of refusing treatment. I had been using banfield for over 15 years and 6 pets.

About a year ago my husband left me and I could no longer afford the insurance. When we arrived at banfield they took my dog and examined her plus brought me a bill to sign for an office visit. After examining her they said the bill would be 450 dollars. I explained my situation and asked if I could work on a payment plan.

The Dr. Said no. She said for 80 dollars she could give her a Valium plus the office visit. I begged for help, she said I can't treat her without the money, she needed an iv to hydrate and heat.

She said I could leave her or take her home and make her comfortable.

She then said if she starts to have seizures I should bring here back to have her euthenized. But since I couldn't afford that just keep her comfortable because it is very painful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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@ ignorant poster- No disrespect to the original poster, but things cost money. period!

Someone has to pay, however unexpected things might be.

Are you willing to loan every stranger in need several hundred dollars? If so, I could use some help with my car payment!!


Hey, Dave. You’re very inconsiderate.

If you have to make an emergency trip to the hospital in the back of an ambulance, they treat you THEN give you the bill and you have time to figure it out. This woman probably would have been fine with paying the $450 but couldn’t do itnimmediately.

The point is that Banfield couldn’t even do that for this poor dog. There are places that offer payment plans and you’re rude for commenting that


First, I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. That is not right that they did that to you. For future reference, peroxide is generally used to induce vomit.

Second, many places do work out payment plans if they're in the business to save animals and not just churn out business. If you get the vibe that you are just another $ to them, then they are not worth your $.

Third, with all of the current financial problems in this country, you should be applauding her, instead of patronizing her for doing the right thing and not dumping her dog onto a shelter. That is the problem with society today! Pets are treated as possessions and accessories and owners don't think twice about dumping their pets! And what comes of them, they are almost always, ultimately euthanized! Meanwhile their typical owner is sitting pretty, convincing themself that the pet was adopted out, even though that is not the case, and their still spending their $ daily on starbucks and cigarettes! Disgusting! Quit your vices and there is absolutely no reason to abandon your pet!

Fourth, a family pet is loved by the family! I'm sure it was not only her decision to spend that $ to save their dog! The vet knew what she had to work with, and shame on the vet for taking advantage!

All of you who would write such hurtful things to someone who is going through something difficult and trying her best to do the right thing should be ashamed of yourselves. Who are you to judge another? Condescending, know-it-all, ignorant, arrogant ***!

Banfield Pet Hospital


We'd like to help better understand your situation and see if we can help. Please call our Wellness Plan Relations Team at 866-277-7387. Thank you, and we apologize for the frustration!


I am sure Vet hospitals get stiffed on bills all the time, thats why they dont offer payment plans. I know for a fact you can use Care Credit at Banfield because thats what I did for my dog. If you have no money and your credit is so bad you can get approved for credit, maybe now isn't the best time for you to be owning a pet.



You’re an inconsiderate *** and I hope you get denied medical care if you ever need it and can’t afford it immediately


I paid for everything for a dog that I was giving to my boyfriends neice (over $300 paid in full for "ALL" shots, except the distemperment) as a gift and I had her put on the account on my account, because Bandfield does not transfer accounts as I was told by Jessica (corporate office) in their accounts department and by Amika (Newport News, VA store). I replied,"If I opened an account and paid all this money, then my boyfriends neice would have to start account and pay again".

I felt this is a rip off and this is how Bandfield makes their money, which is not right. When my boyfriends neice took the the dog to get information on the dogs shots in order to pay her pet fee at her apartment, she was told my Amy and the Veterian (Newport News, VA) that she could not get any information. I could not figure out why, when "EVERTHING" was paid and up to date. This caused her to take the dog to another veterian to get shots, the dog already had at the cost of $150.

I then went back to the store where I started the account and they told me to call their corporate office to let them know. When I called the corporate office, Jessica stated "I do not know why they told you to call the corporate office".

I thought when you have a problem that is who you are supposed to call to get better information. I still have not found out why she was refused information from either of the these people and I am now waiting for the Manager Heather (Newports News, VA store) to call me back.


I'm sorry for what happened to your pet but banfield is a business and require money to remain open. As a previous poster said, payment plans are not done because many people don't pay.

so those few screwed everyone. you can't walk into a grocery store and request a payment plan.

might be time to not have any pets. that may be what it takes til you get back on your feet.


Banfield Pet Hospital : what is wrong with you ?

Banfield Pet Hospital


First, I am very sorry for the loss of your dog. Losing a member of the family is very difficult, and I wish you the best during this time.

On behalf of Banfield, I'd like to encourage you to call us to better clarify the situation and discuss what happened. The number to our Client Advocate Team is 877-500-2288.

Thank you, and our thoughts are with you.


If the dog was that sick and important to your family, why didnt you try and go to another vet? There are vets out there that will work out a payment plan with you. I am sorry your pet died, but also if he just ate the chocolate, it could have been as simple as inducing vomiting to help the dog survive.


I am sorry to hear about your dog. Unfortunately, most veterinarians can no longer afford to offer payment plans because the average person has no intention of holding up their end of the bargain.


SIX pets in 15 years? Did you feed them all chocolate?

And you used your kids vacation savings?

To save a DOG? Disgusting.


You’re a horrible human being for posting this.

That dog probably meant more to that family than their vacation.


Wtf is wrong with you?


YOURE disgusting for not having a heart for creatures or this poor woman’s suffering. Not all of us are pet experts or even know what questions to ask.

Sometimes situations like this happen and we need to help the person and share our knowledge not kick them while they’re down! And a lot of people in less than ideal financial situations take on pets because so many are mistreated , beaten and euthanized.