Piscataway Township, New Jersey

Took my cat to see one of their vets. Vet seemed pleasant at first.

Charged us for every little thing she did and didn't do. She prescribed a medication and included the medication in our bill, without our concent. We went on vacation and were unable to give it to the pet. After returning, we called and asked for a new prescription, since the medication was expired already.

At first we were told to just come down and pick it up. When we finally called to pick up medication, we were told a different story, that we had to schedule a new visit as a follow up for them to even think about prescribing medication again(follow up? for what since my pet never took the medication to begin with??). After many calls and even a face to face visit, they refused to hand us a prescription or even approve one from and online pharmacy.

During our face to face visit, no one wanted to take responsibility and they kept on telling us to pay for a new visit and that we would then receive a prescription. In short, they will only prescribe something if you purchase the medication from them. They are less then useless on the phone, and always pass on the issue to someone else who is NEVER in. The Vet refuses to take our call, and is always too busy to speak to us on the phone.

NEVER, EVER take your pet to these scums.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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