Wantagh, New York

Signed my dog up for the basic plan. Shortly after her first visit, which included labs and all immunizations, she broke out with a rash.

Immediately took her in and was told she had fleas...dog had been on program for two years...not a chance. Banfield prescribed antibiotics. The rash progressively worsened to the point she lost her hair on chest, tail and abdomen, even her face. Then her ears became inflamed.

After repeated trips to Banfield, with multiple meds, significant out-of-pocket expenses, and still no relief, they said no fleas, allergies, probably to food. Changed foods over several months, protein after protein. Problem waxed and waned. Banfield continued to string us along.

Finally my baby began to have difficulty doing stairs and became lethargic. Banfield said she was overweight. I took her to another vet, who walked into the room seeing her for the first time and visually diagnosed her with slow thyroid, confirmed with blood work. 6 weeks later my baby is back to her old self.

All hair has grown back completely. She runs up and down the stairs... I have my dog back! Banfield is a scam.

I fell for their line, only delaying true care for my dog, wasting more than a year of her life. Thank God I went to a real, qualified vet who knew what to do, and by the way who told me how many severely ill dogs he had treated, some who didn't survive because Banfield misdiagnosed them, only for their desperate owners to finally show up at his office.

So so sad that a company which proclaims their devotion to animals would scam innocent people, causing unnecessary suffering to innocent animals. DON'T GO TO BANFIELD!!!

Monetary Loss: $3271.

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