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I took my cat to Banfield for a couple of lumps. The vet couldn't find them (neither could I) at the time, probably due to stress at the time.

The vet recommended I get a kitty dental only so they could try to find the lumps at the same time and do a biopsey. What???? The entire time the vet tried to hardcore sell me on their wellness program, food, surgeries. Wow, what a turn off.

I ended up feeling like I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I won't be going back there again, going to go see a "Real" vet next time. :-(

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Wow...Trish B who commented below certainly is misinformed. This is why we hate dealing with nurses, because they think they know things when they don't. Sorry, your career as a nurse doesn't even hold a candle to the MEDICAL DEGREE your vet has. Her complaint is just riddled with arrogance and ignorance.

1.) You never Gram stain a fecal. Gram stains are used to differentiate gram positive from gram negative bacteria. We KNOW there is bacteria in fecal material - this is a given. It's NORMAL for warm blooded animals to have E. coli living in their colon and be excreted in the ***. She obviously doesn't understand that a fecal FLOTATION (not smear, as a centrifuge is used to separate the less dense parasite eggs to the top of the sample) is used to test for intestinal parasites, which are very large and visible without a stain. I can just imagine what everyone thought as she demanded to look through the microscope, having no idea what she was even looking for!

2. That "Shot gun" antibiotic you are talking about is NOT a shot gun antibiotic. It lasts for 2 weeks in the system. And we give it all the time - not just as a last resort. It's a really good product and clears up many different types of infections. I don't understand how this is "unassociated" with his problem. Antibiotics are given all the time for diarrhea when no other cause is apparent, and usually they work pretty well. i also don't understand why you are complaining because you, the knowledgeable nurse you claim to be, even KNEW it was a bacterial infection because "one lick" gave you gastritis (lol).

3. We don't recommend fluids for every case of diarrhea. If your pet didn't appear dehydrated, then this would be a waste of your money. Of course, with dehydrated pets with diarrhea, this would be warranted. Do you need fluids every time you have the runs?

4. They don't gown and glove with no masks on. Come on.

5. I'd kick you out too. You seem like a real Debbie-downer who wants to complain about everything. You have a "high quality show breeder baby" Chihuahua, but was taken to a low cost Spay and Neuter clinic? Hmmm...That seems odd. It's got to be someone else's fault he has diarrhea, right?


I would say that is a pretty fair upsell. Putting a pet under anesthesia is pretty costly, and they have to put your pet under to do a biopsy anyway so you probably would've saved some money going with the wellness plan and gotten a really good teeth cleaning to boot.

My puppy has been on a wellness plan since the day I got him and our DVM has always taken extraordinary care of him.

His teeth are absolutely spotless and you get discounts on any additional services not included in the plan so it's great when an unexpected illness shows up. Free office visits are nice too.


I have had similar problems with pushy upselling of a variety of unnecessary items. I recently found out the Banfield Vets are paid bonus checks every month based on their sales. No wonder prices are high and pressures for additional fees are unbearable.


What people don't seem to understand is that a vet is supposed to recommend the best medical care for your pet. I know you came in to get some lumps checked out, but if the vet noticed your cat had horrible teeth, don't you think it's irresponsible not to recommend treatment for that as well?

The vet is always trying to recommend the best care - it's the DELIVERY that makes the difference between having the client feel like they've just been to a used car dealership, or to a reputable, caring vet. I do agree that some vets should maybe point out other issues, but not push them too hard if they aren't critical issues.


You don't ever gram stain a fecal sample. You are looking for intestinal parasites, not bacteria.

These parasites are easy to see without a stain. In fact, you can't stain it because that would wash off the medium and the whole sample.

Obviously his *** is going to be full of bacteria. I would think you'd have known that as a nurse.


The "Written by Banfield Pet Hospital on April 9, 2012..." is a MACRO and appeared as soon as did my post...More B.S.


Well, the Banfield vet in my local PetsMart lived down to the sleazy reputation of Banfield with flying colors (Of ***)

Short and sweet: 6 month old Chihuahua-high quality show breeder baby. Took him in for projectile diarrhea two days after being neutered by Travis County Texas low cost Spay/Neuter clinic got a hold of him.

Probably took him out to the grass where hundreds of other dogs *** and didn't monitor his sniffing around. Anyway, bad bacteria I know caused he licked me a big ole puppy lick in the mouth and I was sick for a week after worst gastritis I'd ever had. But I digress...within 7 minutes of the vet entering the room with a complaint of "diarrhea" she insisted this Chihuahua’s "open fontanels" were definite sign of Hydrocephalus (Google Molera);a retained lower canine tooth would put *** in his sinuses leading to a brain abscess; squeezed his belly and won the academy award for acting when she started gagging and sputtering shouting worst smelling gas she'd ever smelled; pointed out that because the call name on his breeder's shot record was "whited-out" the whole record was probably full of lies. (I whited-out "HUNTER" just did not fit a 2 pound Chihuahua for me so I changed it to "RILEY") She tried though...Once I stopped her, told her I am a nurse, had dogs all my life and was in her clinic ONLY to save the little guy's life since 2 days of diarrhea didn't give him much of a chance to make it till Monday AND that I wanted her to test his *** and treat him did she let up.

I also told her I would require visualizing the fecal smear myself. She told the tech what to do, left the room and never came back. I was allowed to view the microscope specimen which was NOT gram-stained. I was offered several unassociated options including the SHOT GUN antibiotic one only prescribes when no test has been run and that's it.

No support for dehydration, nothing to abate the diarrhea, no little coffin...nothing else...I bought 1.75ml of antibiotic from them and it cost me $100.00! I then had to use my own common sense to buy over the counter electrolyte replacement, anti-diarrhea med with a component to assist with the grievous belly ache he must have been suffering. Riley survived. He was better in a few days.

I was sick for 10 days as I kept thinking surely I'd get better without spending the money on my co pay. I reported the whole incident to the PetsMart manager and got the usual...they are not us; we are not them; they just rent space-***. I complained to the Banfield office person who invited me never to come back again and also stalked me all over the store as I scoured for the additional items I needed to care for my little guy because she wanted to close out the sale. They told me to pay "UP FRONT" which to me meant the front of the store.

Apparently "UP FRONT" to them meant 4 feet away from the exam room where their register was. She even threatened me that I would be charged $1.00 additional for every minute after 6:00 PM I delayed in walking back to the back of the store to pay them. Horror story? Yes!

True? Every word and some I did not even bother to report here. Do any good...are you kidding? That vet is probably there because her "numbers" are good and BANFIELD only cares about NUMBERS!

I pity the woman before me who was scared to death after being told her little Pomeranian had Lyme disease.

(He been brought in for neutering)...Oh, they gown and glove for surgery in the unclean corridor without masks on....I won't even go to that shopping center anymore let alone PetsMart! :(

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