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I just got a 12 week old Merle American Cocker Spaniel puppy a few weeks ago.I heard about the wellness program at Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmart so I took her "Piper" in for her first vet visit.

I had a great experience! I was really shocked to read all of the bad reviews. I also got First Shield Trio for her. She is under 10 lbs and I had never heard of this brand so I googled it.

Again, I was shocked and scared to put it on her because of so many terrible reviews. I called Banfield and expressed my concern. They explained very nicely that just like humans, dogs can have allergic reactions too. I put it on her and she had absolutely no reaction at all.

And, no fleas. I guess people will go out of their way to let people know bad things but won't do the same when the outcome is desirable. I'm a responsible pet owner. Prior to applying the flea preventative, I researched and read what to do if she had a reaction and watched her.

I think many of these "pissed consumers" are irrational.

I am completely satisfied with Banfield, the Wellness Program and First Shield Trio.


A satisfied pet owner

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Hopefully all will continue to go well for you and your puppy and we won't end up reading an adverse pissed customer review from you in the future. Let us know how "Piper's" spay surgery went.
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You should ask your vet about nexquard. They just eat a pill. No mess on there back. No chance of hurting them
to Anonymous #1105378
No medication is risk free. A pet can have a reaction to just about anything, even a natural product. So even tho its oral, there is still a chance of having a reaction to Nexguard.
Just an FYI. (:
You had just better hope nothing happens to your dog at that Banfield! How could you possibly read so many bad reviews and STILL take your dog there? That is NOT being a "responsible" pet owner. It is not irrational to be pissed when a vet harms or kills your pet!
to weloveparrots Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1262618
Ty I couldn't have said it any better ty, from a disgruntled customer!
So you knew this could kill her and you put it on her anyway.Do your pet a favor and rehome her.And I am not usually mean but this just rubbed me the wrong way.
to mi #947776
do you vaccinate your dogs? they can kill a dog if a dog has a reaction to it. dogs can have reactions to anything! mine had a reaction to shampoo but that doesn't mean I'm a bad pet parent
It would NOT surprise me if Banfield posted this! Plus, this is a site for PISSED consumers to post complaints. Not a site for satisfied consumers to post reviews. So they should take their satisfied reviews elsewhere. Banfield KILLED my dog and I am PISSED about it!

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