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Teeth cleaning should not KILL! We dropped-off a healthy dog at Banfield Hospital (Plantation, FL) on Saturday, October 11, and today (Wednesday, Oct.

15) he's DEAD. They knew our dog, Nano, had an enlarged esophagus and digestive issues, because of which we refused to neuter him (anesthesia was a huge risk). However, they still put him under for a ROUTINE dental cleaning. We had NO IDEA they used full anesthesia for this!

Nano vomited profusely after the procedure and aspirated vomit, resulting in pneumonia. We had to leave him there all Sunday and Monday with IV fluids, antibiotics, and took him home overnight. He wasn't eating, we had to give him water and Pedialite with a syringe. He finally collapsed less than an hour ago.

How do we sue these people? This is just wrong!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dental Cleaning.

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wish id seen this an known about the CAT thing before. i wasted hours trying to get hold of someone at CAT and all that happend after leaving my complaint was the office manager called left a message.


i already spoke to her , i wanted someone higher up to talk to. DONT WASTE MY TIME.


If you can get a FULL (make sure no pages are missing) copy of all of his medical records & anesthesia records & find in there that they had previously written that he was an unsuitable candidate for anesthesia then you may have a case for negligence (i.e if the vet who did the procedure was new or not familar with your pet & had not taken the time to read his records to be aware of his increased risk).

But there is a problem.

When you dropped your pet off you signed off (either physically or on a machine) on them doing the procedure & an anesthesic risk waiver. I used to work there & that is mandatory for all anesthetic procedures, they will not do a procedure without this. So because you signed it & depending on the wording in his prior records you may not be able to sue. This is a wake-up call for everyone to please be aware of exactly what they sign.

Read everything. Dont expect it to be spoonfed to you.

Also, don't waste your time dealing with the CAT team who they will undoubtabley tell you to contact. All this does is send an email to the hospital manager about your concern.

It doesnt do anything more than that. It is meant to appease upset clients so that they feel like something is being done. It isnt. It just keeps all the compliants internalized & hidden from the public.

If you really want their attention file a complaint with the State Board & get all over social media (Yelp, Facebook etc).

Whatever the outcome I am sorry for your loss.