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I was 30 minutes late to my appointment with my dog so instead of telling me it would clearly be 2 hours before they can see me they let me sit there for an hour and all day my dog was doing was getting his ears checked another lady walks in without an appointment without an appointment without an appointment her dog was seen immediately so I just really don't understand I might be finding it a little vet. And I will be calling corporate office because the person to check me in was doing paperwork in one of the exam rooms she heard of the lady talking to me she ran out there to make sure she knew that I was late so they can push me back but at the end of the line

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you are late for an appointment it is standard policy to put you at the back of the line after any scheduled appointments that are on time because it's not fair to make people that are on time be delayed for you.

FYI - Appointments are scheduled to be only ~15 mins long so 30 mins late is a big deal, and you were lucky that they could actually squeeze you in to be seen as most Banfields are typically fully/overbooked due to pressure from management to see as many pets as possible.


so Mr Anonymous its ok to jump the line when you say your dog is not breathing and clearly your dog made it across town and was breathing huh


You were a no-show to your appointment. I don't know why you're surprised you had to wait. If you want to be seen at your appointment time, show up for your appointment.


First, you were 30min late for your appt. If yours was a recheck, then that's booked for 15min.

If it was to diagnose, that's a 30mim appt slot. When I worked at Banfield , if someone was more than 10min late and we were booked I would tell them we can try to work them in when there's time but it will be a long wait or they can reschedule.

They book an appt every 15 or 30min depending on why a pet is being seen.

So that means they either had 1 or 2 appts directly after yours.

They don't know how long you will wait, which is why they didn't say anything. They don't know who's going to actually show up for their appts, and depending on why the pet is being seen, an appt may run late if the pet needs a work up done.

Mind you, it's usually only 1 doctor and 2 techs working the rooms.

As for the lady who showed without an appt.

Do you know why her pet was being seen? If her pet was sick or injured they will be seen before an ear recheck/ear infection.


Not sure why I put its in Portland Oregon but this happened in Nashville Tennessee at the 100 Oaks Mall location

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