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Why does the hospital on NE 82nd (right across the street from the Corporate offices) seem to have a revolving door for veterinarian's?

My pet, Otis Earl Bailey has been a patient there for over eleven years. I complained several years ago about this, in the office. I was set up with a vet that I liked very well, but she moved to a another practice after a year or so. The most recent Dr. I had is now on maternity leave. Lately Otis has been having issues with diarrhea over the course of several months and it seems that every time I need to take him in, I have to see a different vet and get a different guess at a diagnosis. None of them are the same vet that I saw before and the choices of vets they give me are never the same as the previous time.

This is very upsetting, no vet ever gets to know my dog as an individual and that vet can only rely on the notes that are put in previously.

I now have an appointment with another Dr. at a different veterinarian clinic that has three doctors and all three have been at this clinic several years, this particular Dr. also specializes in English Bulldogs.

When it comes time for me to choose a veterinarian clinic for another pet, I will NOT choose Banfield Pet Hospital, and not for just this reason. There have been other issues that I haven't been happy with, as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Its not unusual for Banfield vet clinics to have several different vets on staff at one clinic. Now I may be wrong in my assumption as to why this is however, from what I can tell Banfield not only hires newly graduated vets right out of school, Banfield also seems to have vets that are still in college in their clinics for the soon to be licensed vets practical training.

Banfield clinics so many animals in on a daily basis all vets whether still in school or newly graduated see and diagnose a large variety of pets on a daily basis.

As for your dog having an issue with loose stool, you may want to try a different (dry) dog food & cut down on the amount of canned (wet) food or table food you may be feeding him.

Hopefully, a slight change in diet will help. I found dry food containing rice helps or even cooked white minute rice added to dry kibble works well.


Alot of clinics, not just banfield, hire new grads. Most clinics, again not just banfield, have Vet and rvt students doing their externship/internship with them.

Vet students do not take on cases alone.

Also, You do not know the dogs medical history, you have not examined the pet in person and you are not a veterinarian. Therefore you should not be giving medical advice, especially online. Bad advice can make a pets condition worse and sometimes it can even be fatal to the pet.

Switching food while a dog has diarrhea can make the diarrhea worse. There are a million different things that could be causing the dog to have diarrhea, and 9 times out of 10 it is not related to the dog food in any way, shape or form.

Table scraps are only 1 of the many possibilites.

Table scraps should not be fed, ever. Especially fatty meats such as steak, ham etc as that can cause pancreatitis.


Short answer: The overwork & underpay their vets. It's common for each vet to be scheduled for ~30 appointments a day, rarely get a break all day because we are not allowed to turn away walk-ins (so yay - we have to see them during our 'lunch breaks'), and end up working hours of extra, unpaid overtime each payperiod.

It's a factory and very few vets put up with it for more than a year or two before leaving. That is also why they mainly hire new graduates, because they don't know any better & don't push back against the ridiculous 'quota's the the management sets.


Best and most concise truthful answer I've read to date. Confirms my thoughts of corporate run medical care for both humans and animals.

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