Kansas City, Missouri

Took my cat in because his ear was gross. They charged me for running a test on the ear.

Then said if I wanted to find out if it was bacterial or a virus, I would have to pay even more!!! Then they said they refused to treat the ear with medication unless I paid for the results. I asked why I had to pay extra for the results if the results were in the file, and they told me that it was company policy. Really!?

Company policy to hold test results for ransom??? At a human doctor, if you get a test done, you don't have your results held like that, and at our normal vet, he just charges you for the actual running of the test and the meds, but not for the results! I went to Banfield because our vet had back to back surgeries that day. I figured Banfield would probably be pricier, but, seriously, it was like a game for the staff.

They actually had smirks on their faces when they said it would be 30 extra dollars for them to tell me what my cat had in his ear. I went to leave, paid for the test and headed out the door. I was then told that if I didn't pay for the results, theywould send me to collections....really!? Wow.

Left anyway.. Went to my vet the next day, he looked at ot, ran a test, gave me the results and the meds, all for free because he felt terrible about what Banfield did. The next week a collections office called me and told me that I was to pay over 400 dollars because I walked out without paying for anything. I asked for a list of services rendered, they listed off a few things that were never even done!!


It took me three months to pay off, because I tried calling banfield at least 20 times and they kept saying once it's sent to collections it was out of their hands. They're crooks!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. Thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention.

We are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly to gather more information. Please give us a call at 877-500-2288.


Are you kidding me? You are complaining because they wanted to charge you to run a test?

So...you think that all diagnostics should be free? That they should take their time, supplies, and expertise to just diagnose every disease and disorder for free? You are nuts. At a doctors office, diagnostics get billed to your insurance.

So yes, even at a human doctor every test is billed and paid for. And you are seriously getting your facts wrong. They didn't charge you for the test then separately for the results. NO!

They charge you for the exam, and then the ear cytology (which is billed as ear swab and microscopic exam). Trust me, they do not ever charge a fee for running the test, then a separate fee for reading the test.

There is no such line item in their computer system, it is literally impossible. They are not the crooks, you are for refusing to pay for services rendered!