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I work for a Banfield, and the hospital manager (who is not even a vet or vet tech) has ridiculous policies in place just to make more money. I'll give 2 examples:

1.) We recommend heartworm prevention for pets year round. Your pet needs a heartworm test before we can prescribe this medication in order to ensure the pet is heartworm negative. So say your pet tests negative and we give you a six month supply and seven months later you come back for a refill. That means that you somehow either skipped a dose or stretched out the time between doses to over a month. My hospital manager would require that the pet be tested AGAIN for heartworm disease before giving the refill since a dose was skipped. She would say, "well the pet could have contracted heartworm disease since you skipped a dose." The only problem is that heartworm disease is only detectable SIX months after initial infection because you can only detect certain lifecycles. So lets say your pet contracts heartworm disease the first day he went off his meds, that means that the heartworm would only be developing for a month, and would therefore be undetectable. So what the heck is the point of testing again if a pet only missed a dose or two? If the pet did get heartworms, it's not even detectable! So the test tells you NOTHING. The point is that it makes the hospital money.

2. The hospital manager will also require that any pet who is staying in our care for a drop off appointment must be flea free in order to prevent the spread of fleas to other pets. If we find fleas on your pet, we give them a medicine called capstar to kill adult fleas. Seems like a good policy right? Wrong. It's been shown that adult fleas are unlikely to jump from animal to animal. Once they find their home, they live on that pet. It's the shedding of eggs and larva into the environment that spreads fleas. So the Capstar will kill the adult fleas, but does nothing for eggs, larvae, and pupae. So those lifecycles could remain in the hospital, hatch into adults later, and infect other pets. All in all, the capstar is useless to prevent the spread of fleas and is just another way to make money.

I'm just sick of working for this greedy company, but haven't found a job elsewhere yet. Our manager is constantly cutting hours and telling us that in order to have more hours, we have to see more pets. But half the time, we are turning people away because we don't have any openings because we are completely booked because we don't have adequate staffing. Shouldn't she put more people on staff so we can accommodate everyone who wants an appointment?

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Chanza, you can't even form a coherent sentence, yet I'm dumb? If you are going to attack my intelligence, I suggest first taking an English class. I reiterate: I AM A FULL TIME GRADUATE STUDENT. I am getting my MASTERS in Animal Science. As a student, it is hard to find a job that will work around your schedule. I am an independent adult, so I have bills to pay and can't just afford to quit without finding another job first. Are you suggesting that everyone who is unhappy with their job just up and quit? I'm sorry my friend, the world simply does not work that way. Like I said, I was TRYING to find another job. It's not like I am just sitting back and am content to be miserable. However, I just got accepted into a DVM program so there's no longer any point to starting a new job when I'm starting a new program in August. When I'm a veterinarian, I will never hire uneducated, unintelligent people such as yourself.

And no, they are not right about the heartworm test. It is merely a ploy to make money. According to the MANUFACTURER website, their test detects ADULT heartworm antigen. It takes SIX MONTHS for a heartworm to reach that stage of the lifecycle. Therefore, if your pet has been on prevention for 6 months, then skips a month, and wants to go back on, it doesn't make sense to test because one month is not enough time for the adult worm to develop. Therefore, the test will ALWAYS read negative, even if there is a larval form in the blood.

There are 2 reasons why a hospital would require a heartworm test if a pet stopped its medication for a brief period of time: 1: to make money. 2: in order not to void the manufacturer's warranty. You see, the manufacturer will reimburse the client for treatment if the pet contracts heartworm while on their product. However, that warranty is voided if the owner does not follow manufacturer protocol (like skipping a dose). If a dose is skipped, the owner must demonstrate that their pet is heartworm negative BEFORE going back on the prevention in order for the warranty to still be good. However, like I already stated, the test is going to come out negative anyway. It's just a way for the owner to ensure they don't void the warranty. BUT! A warranty is between the client and the manufacturer, NOT between the hospital and manufacturer. Therefore, Banfield has no stake in making sure the warranty isn't voided. So like I said, it's just a ploy to make money.

There are 4 situations in which there is a need for a heartworm test: 1: the pet has never been on prevention or has been off prevention for more than a few months. 2: the pet should be tested yearly to ensure the prevention hasn't failed, 3: the pet is exhibiting symptoms of heartworm disease. 4: the owners have skipped a dose or are changing brands and want to strictly adhere to the warranty policy.

I hope that educates you, Chanza. It sure sounds like you needed it.


I agreed with the post from before. If you do t like it then leave! Your hospital is right about the heartworm stuff and if you don't agree try hen your a dumber person than I try thought


To the anonymous poster:

Why don't I just quit? Um...because I'm a full time grad student and have bills to pay. Why would I work for a company I'm bashing? Because I didn't realize how bad it was when I applied. I need the money and the hours to be a competitive applicant for Vet schools. Doesn't make sense? Well maybe not for someone with a tiny mind such as yourself. Perhaps you missed the part where I said I'm actively looking for another job. It's kind of hard finding a job that will work around your school schedule. Which Banfield do you work for, lol. It's kind of obvious.

Capstar is a great product to get rid of adult fleas, but the whole "we're trying to prevent the spread of fleas" is's just a way to make money. Perhaps you didn't read carefully. I said that those flea lifecycles other than the adult phase "could remain in the hospital." I never said we don't clean. Of course we do. I'm just saying that Capstar does nothing to prevent the spread.

Also, the heartworm testing policy WAS just a policy of our manager, as I've worked for other locations and they never had a strict policy like that. Even if it was a policy for every location, it just shows what a greedy corporation it is.

I love the vets I work for, but corporate seriously needs to wake up and realize how to run a business who cares about customer satisfaction.


I am sorry you are unhappy with certain aspects of your job at Banfield, and we encourage you to also address your concerns directly through the Associate Relations line. While we appreciate your feedback, we are limited in what we can do to address these concerns when submitted anonymously.

Banfield is a great practice with an exceptional support system for our hospital associates, and in order to provide the necessary support, we need feedback in a format that can be escalated appropriately. Again, we encourage you to call the Associate Relations line at 503-922-5153.


Why don't you just quit? why would you work for a company your bashing?

Doesn't make sense.. And giving capstar to a pet in your hospital is not a bad idea at all. It's better for that pet to keep it comfortable as well as the pets around it since it's killing those fleas immediately. Just keep up with cleaning your hospital daily, as you should, and you shouldn't have to worry about anything else.

As for the heartworm testing, that's probably not your hospital managers call. Thats a common policy for pets who miss more than a month of prevention.