San Ysidro, California

As a first-time pet owner, I took my cat to Banfield and ended up paying for costly tests and medications that my cat didn't even need. They spent more time trying to sell me their optimal health plans than discussing my concerns for my cat's health. When I questioned whether the health plans would cover what they were trying to say was wrong with my cat, they quickly breezed by the answer of no, but continued to advise what OTHER things it would cover. 2 of the 3 times I've gone to them, I didn't even speak to the vet directly because she was "too busy".

Also, after paying nearly $200 to have my cat's ears tested, cleaned, and treated for earmites. They told me that he didn't have earmites, but that I need to purchase medication to help "keep his ears clean". I used all of the medication per the instructions, about a week after the daily medication, his ears became dirty and gunked again. Biggest waste of time and money.

Check around your area and get referrals for bettter pet hospitals before you even consider Banfield. I will never take my cat to them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Took my dog to Banfield and was convinced to sign up for the plan. They gave my dog a few shots and did a check up.

After paying $113 initial fee, got home and decided to cancel. No problem, as long as I paid an additional $179 for the check-up, making the check-up come to $289. Wow, even with no health insurance, my doctor only charges $179 for the check-up. Basically, I saved $70 for not paying for the plan for a year.

Rip-off!!! Then they wanted me to pay another $700 for teeth cleaning and extraction of one tooth!


in reply to retard: when i took my cat to the "phd" and was charged for three or four differant test amounting to 300.00 they to me after finding nothing wrong that the cat MUST BE HAVING A BAD DAY. *** bainfield they stink and so does any one defending them...


Sounds like Brittney works for Banfield. One more reason not to go there. She'll call you a "retard" for wanting reasonably priced pet care.


Sounds like Brittney works for Banfield. One more reason not to go there. She'll call you a "retard" for wanting reasonably priced pet care.


We don't have a PhD, it's a DVM.


Wow lady, you sound like one of those pet parents that vet techs like us would just like to slap in the face. So as a first-time pet owner, how do you know what medications your cat may or may not need?

I think the vet (you know, the PhD who studied for 8 years) would have a better idea of what your cat "needs" vs. a first time pet owner. And unless your in the exam room, the doctor sees other patients other that you, so yes, she may be a little busy to hear your ranting and raving frustrations about your pocket book. And i'm slightly confused when you say that your cat was treated for ear mites, meaning he had them before, and tehn you were dissapointed that he didnt have them anymore?

I'm going to try and make sense of that, the Dr. probably reccommended you keep up routine use of an ear cleaner, because, even though you got rid of the infection with the treatment, fantastically, they can always come back. I know...its a bummer, welcome to the real world.

and if his ears became dirty and gunked? as you say, its because you aren't taking the initiative to "CLEAN THEM OUT", As an owner, your going to have to put a little elbow grease into your pets wellbeing, or dont own a pet you retard


Frankly, I do not think that you would be satisfied anywhere.