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1. Overcharging for services. 2. Real cost of the wellness plan is hidden in the fine print-that you must continue paying even after pet has died. 3. Won't allow me to access my account online after pet has died, even though I still have an account and need to pay... .

Stay with your private vet.

After I sent an email in to cancel the plan, I got this in reply:

Optimum Wellness Plans are set up upon enrollment either as a full year payment due up front, or a 12 monthly installment agreement. When we cancel a Wellness Plan before the current plan year is up, there are two options to choose from. Clients are able to pay for the services used, or the Wellness Plan, whichever is the least amount. Please see the cancellation amounts below:

Cost to cancel for – Roger Ray

Services Used= $513.14 - $179.80 (0 monthly installments paid) = $513.14

Remaining Wellness Plan Payments = $419.40

As a courtesy, we waived 3 of the remaining payments due to your pet passing away, new balance: $314.55 to cancel.

The Optimum Wellness Plan has been set to not renew and will end on the anniversary date of March 20th 2016.

Under the terms of your Optimum Wellness Plan Agreement, if you would like to cancel prior to the above listed anniversary date the remaining balance of $314.55 for the remaining Wellness Plan Payments will be due in full. You can also continue with your scheduled monthly installments of $34.95 and your last monthly withdrawal will be on December 19th 2015.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I actually think it's really nice that they only charge you for services you used before the passing of your pet. You only pay for what you used.