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I've been calling this hospital since last Thursday about a prescription that my vet faxed in for LD Precription Diet Hepatic Health for my morkie and the receptionists kept saying it wasn't received even after I had my vet fax it over on the following Monday. My dog had been without food since then and the only thing he could stomach without vomiting was plain salad.

Naturally after Tuesday rolled around and I hadn't received a promised call back from Banfield to let me know if they'd received the Precription I was a little annoyed to which I said so. She (receptionist) insisted I should have my vet fax it over again for a total of 3 times! She complained and said I was rude and they later informed me when I called back that I wasn't allowed to get my pet's very expensive food from them again after next year! Aren't customer service calls recorded anyway??

I was shocked to hear about how rude I was! Is being annoyed about being given the run around by incompetent staff rude??

Do your job! In the meantime I'm totally crushed by being banned from spending too much money at their fine establishment (total sarcasm by the way)

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Uhhhhh, yeah! If the tone you wrote this is any indication then yeah I can imagine you being rude to the receptionist.

I would make sure your vet had the correct fax number because the poor receptionist has no control over whether a fax arrives or not, that's totally up to the sender!

Also, never wait until your pet has run out/almost run out of food to request a refill, that's just bad planning. What would happen if they didn't have the food in stock & you had to wait for a delivery?