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New to the area, I was happy to find a Banfield with staff that seem to love what they do. I was introduced to Dr.

Moorefield, who clearly loves what she does; which is why I loved having her care for my babies. Unfortunately, she is no longer there, and I was put with another vet Dr. Armstrong. I was hesitant on my first visit, but it seemed to go well.

The next visit was scheduled for a surgery. The Dr called me at 11 am to tell me my baby did well and could be picked up as early as 4, no later than 7. I arrived at 4:30 for pickup, as well as meeting a 5pm appt for my other baby. The young lady at the front desk told me both pets would be checked out at the same time.

I asked to see the baby that had surgery, to set my mind at ease. She returned with a vet assistant, who sat so close to me she was nearly in my lap! Then proceeded to tell me she didn't want to bring the dog out because it was resting comfortably, and she didn't want my other dog exciting it. Of course I was very angry, waiting for my husband to show up.

As I sat there fuming I thought what kind of place is this that tells you, you can't see your own pet? If this was a daycare and I was picking up my child I wouldn't be told I couldn't see the child. I got back up and told the young lady at the desk I demanded to see my dog; which I told her the first time I didn't need to hold him, all I wanted to do was see him to set my mind at ease. She rolled her eyes and walked in back, came out and said I could see him in one f the exam rooms.

My husband had arrived by then, so we all went to the exam room. My baby was brought in for us to love and set our minds at ease. Then the Dr. Came in.

She basically told me I had no right to Demand to see my pet, and they were too busy to bring him out or let me see him when I initially asked. My response to her - you called me saying I my pet would be ready for pickup by 4. She basically rambled about the time saying 4-7. No matter, if she said as early as 4 there was no reason to make me wait.

She then refused to care for my other dog, telling me I needed to reschedule the appt. and she didn't think she would be a good fit for my pets. I said you are right, I don't think you are either.

We checked our post surgery pet out and will not be back! #RUDERUDERUDE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Unprofessional staff.

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Before I comment I will say that NO, I do NOT work at banfield. I did for years though.

This complaint is absolutely ridiculous.

You could have waited another 15min when your dogs exam was done, to see your other dog.

They are right. The dog just had surgery so it needs to remain as calm as possible which usually dosent happen when they see their "siblings". Not to mention you'd be worrying about your other pet and be distracted while the doctor is trying to examine your other dog and get history from you.

The dog who's being examined would naturally be excited to see its "sibling", therefore making it even harder for the doctor to perform the exam (and any tests/vaccines needed).

You said you didn't need to hold the dog who had surgery, just see it. The problem with that is the pet would get excited to see you, then they'd have to put them back in the kennel. Since the dog would know you were there, it wouldn't relax like it's supposed to.

& They said they were busy.

Yes, they told you the time to pick up but you don't know if appointments ran late, they had a sick pet come in etc. They usually only have 1 receptionist, 2 techs and 1 doctor closing. They can only do so much at once.

They aren't trying to be mean. This isn't just something that Banfield does.

Alot of places do it because it's better for the pet.

It's their JOB to do what's best for the pet. I swear, people will find any little thing to complain about.


This sounds like a case of sour grapes to be honest. I'd be willing to bet that you were really rude to them 1st making them ask you to leave because Banfield tend to just accept everyone no matter what, so to be fired as a client is rare unless you are verbally or physically abusive.

No kidding you won't be back - they won't allow you back.

FYI it is VERY COMMON practice in Vet Med hospitals to keep pets separate for as long as possible after surgeries, so this was a perfectly reasonable request that they made.

If they or the other pet get overly excited and bounce all over each other in a small exam it can cause problems, also sometimes pets recovering from surgery can be more tender or easily upset than normal and can get into fights if your other pet is too excited and the surgical pet cannot get away. It is also distracting you from the pet that is there for the additional exam because you are more likely to be paying attention to the surgical pet than what the Dr is saying/doing with the other pet.


Sounds like you became unruly when you didn't immediately get what you wanted, and they called you on your ***. Always two sides to a story.

If they didn't want your dog riled up for health reasons, why would you combat that?

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