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RUN, People RUN away from Banfield per Hospital.

Banfield Pet Hospital, Lake Mary, Florida.

On 9/06/2005 I was pressured by Banfield to sign up for an Optimum wellness plan which promised a 20% discount for each Vet visit for my 2 dogs Cody and Harmony.

On 11/14/2005 I called Banfield Hospital to cancel my membership because I found the staff unfriendly, long waits in waiting room and that their pricing with a 20% discount was a lie and a rip off. All other Vet clinics in our area (Lake Mary, Fl) charges were 35% less for same service. I was told that I was not able to cancel and had to pay of my membership for the whole year. I refused to do so. Banfield's collection agency, IC System, Inc. began calling me and stated that I was late in my payment. I explained that I had canceled my contract and that one of my dogs had died but thy told me that the contract was not cancelable and I still had to pay. I would get 3-4 harassing phone calls per week from IC System, Inc and threatening me with the credit bureau. They told me that I was a dishonest costumer and that I could not cancel my contract. The collection agency calls would come in for 2 years. Since 02/10/2006 Banfield hospital shows up on my credit report for the amount of $210. I can afford to pay but refuse to because no monies are owed to them. I was threatened and blackmailed by Banfield to pay off my membership or else my credit will be ruined. Well, they kept their promise with the credit bureau against me but not with the supposedly 20% discount or savings.

I did pay off the $210 on 10/23/2008 just to get it removed from my credit report even though I owed them nothing. I am outraged and wish to participate in the Class Action suit.

Banfield is running a scam and fraud operation by misleading their consumers and trapping them in to their none cancelable wellness plan. To me Banfield is the American Pet Mafia and needs to be put out of business. All documentation can be provided.

I wrote to Scott Campbell and informed him that I have filed my complaint with:

The Federal Trade Commission

American Association of Veterinary State Boards

Attorney General’s Office

and that

I also have join in on one of the THREE Class Action Lawsuits that are in preparation against Banfield Pet Hospitals

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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thanks for letting people know about this, right now Im facing a similar situation I have until October 9 to pay 600 dollards but well it was my fault i didnt pay the monthly fee. But after that I dont want anything to do with them.


They are a rip off same thing happened to me I will be reporting them to the BBB, Consumer Affairs and now thanks to your post I will be also reporting them to the Attorney Generals office!! This is absolutely ridiculous!


They just put mine in collections for $499! I haven’t heard nothing from them for 10 months !

No calls or anything. I’m super serious when it comes to my credit so unfortunately I’ll just pay it but I don’t recommend their plans at all!


Thank you for your input


I have had the same issue although I had to give my dog away because she was aggressive. They would not allow me to cancel my policy even though I didn't have my dog anymore and it has affected my credit scores. I also changed my phone number because of the harassing calls.


Exact same thing happened to me.


Same happened here in Maryland!!


Yes Banfield is a rip off, they sale you into the contract but then don't tell you about all of the hidden fees.


This same thing happened to me. I'm in Atlanta Georgia.

The staff wasn't friendly. They didn't give me medications that I paid for! So my dog went in to Banfield a heathy dog and came out with fleas and a horrible ear infection! They call daily from different #s.

I can afford to pay but what's the point? I came in with a healthy dog he's never had a flea or ear infection until we visited Banfield.


Same here. 2009-current


Same thing happend to me. I had my dog on wellness plan for one year never used it.

I canceled a month before the contract was to auto renew. EVEN though I cancelled it, they kept charging me i disputed but then they took me to collections anyways. what a joke. this company is such a scam.

I will fight with all my power to make sure that this stops.

Complete not use banfield not worth the collection on my perfect credit. I will be taking legal action.


Hunny, I know where you are coming from... HOWEVER...They told me that you can cancel after 72 hours....when my 72 hours was in the running were also their 2 days off during the week so they said that my time was up i was not able to...

I also have my credit still being haunted by their evil scamming...when you call either the corporate office as well as the vets officce all you get is the run around... when all of my incidents happened they also killed my dog and did nothing about it AT ALL....


The contract clearly states you cannot cancel it regardless if a pet has passed or given away. Basically the preventative health care plan is designed to help, had you walked in and paid your $300 you wouldn't of had an issue, Banfield allowed you to pay over 12 months.

No one can FORCE you into anything, you could of said NO. Take responsibility for your own actions and READ it next time.


It’s your responsibility to learn to speak English properly. It’s could HAVE or could’VE not “could of”


You signed the contract, it states that it is for 12 months. You tried to cancel after 2 months. You have no beef


Well did you read the contract before you signed it? Did it say that you could cancel.

It's the job of any sales person to push to sell things people don't need. Buyer beware.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like Banfield either, but if you owed the money you should have paid.