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Paramus NJ- RUN do not walk away from this poor excuse for a vet.PetSmart has also lost my business. Our Lab cut his pad so we called and were told we could bring him.

After telling us about the Wellness plans I finally just asked how much for a visit. $45 plus any meds we may need etc. Upon arrival the very first thing the nurse spoke to my husband about was their wellness plans. Aft chk up Dr says its not deep at all just needs to be cleaned and glued he seems like a good dog shouldn't take long.

Dr says to nurse Did you talk to him about the Wellness plans? Then says well be right back with a price. well they came back with a price alright.

$423.00!!! They were not happy when we left with the dog and said no thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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:( ... In my personal experience ALL banfield wants is your money and keeping your pet alive so they can continue to overcharge you.

When my plan is up, I am out. I'm tired of having a 400$ vet bill every 6 months when the wellness plan was supposed to save me money.


I raise 3 children and paid all med bills for their preventative care. Now I have 3 babies that will be with me until the day they leave this world.

Thus, I have 3 wellness plans. I have problems with one clerk doing the register/invoicing and not knowing what the vet said to me. I am very assertive and read everything before signing, paying and leaving. This frustrates the clerks, but I don't care.

The vet is thorough and gives excellent instruction. I do not buy prescriptions from them and buy them from 1800PetMeds for half of Banfield's prices. I am broke, but happy.

These are my babies and the wellness plans are preventative care. My babies are healthy and happy because of Banfield in Roseville, CA


not that i dont disagree with your negative comments about banfield. but i agree with many of the comments.

you are being unreasonable, 400.00 dollars is nothing. however i will say i dislike banfield because they seem to be more business driven. i understand that they have to offer the wellness plan but in my case... my shepherd/husky mix, we found out she had parvo, but for some reason instead of caring for the dog and saying it would be smarter to take her to a 24 hour hospital, the doctor recommended that i take her there during the day and to a night clinic after they close.

which really didnt make much sense to me. and this showed me they cared more about money then helping my dog


So after reading a few of these revies it became very clear to me that some people are simply just not reasonable. Yes you may have had an appointment but how often do you go to any Doctors appointment and see the doctor as soon as you walk in? Im sure the nurse at your Doctors office has asked you to sign in and have a seat not telling you when you will be able to pay and leave!


Wellness plans are the backbone of their business. They are required to talk to all new clients about it, like it or not.

You can always decline, as it appears you did. As for the bill, I have no doubt that it was not pay $423.00 or get no treatment. The price does seem high, but you can pick and choose what you want and what you don't. In addition, you can also choose to leave and go elsewhere, which you did.

Yes the price is high. I still fail to see how this was a "scam" or "thievery". The made an offer. You refused it.

Don't like their prices, then don't go there again. But the prices are set by the corporation and they can do nothing but offer you their services at the costs indicated.


I agree, Banfield Paramus is a fraud. I was told a price of $365 to get my dogs tumors removed.

He's on the wellness plan, so he was gonna get his teeth worked on at the same time (took over 3 weeks to make the appointment) The day before I called to confirm, and let them know there is 4 tumors, not 3 (an extra one popped up in the three weeks) And they told me the price was now over $800.. I told them the original price, and then Felix (I think that's his name, the manager) told me no, it's going to be $600 something..still where did the $800 come from, and then the $600 something? I cancelled the surgery, as I do not trust them to perform surgery on my dog, if they can't handle simple math and an invoice. In fact I wouldn't even let them express his anal glands.

Bunch of liars. If you do end up going to Banfield get your price quote in WRITING first! I wasted 3 weeks with them, took the day off of work and now I have to wait a couple of weeks for some place else. If it does end up being cancer it's lots of time wasted, when they could have been treating my dog.

Our first visit in there cost $400, not sure why. But the manager called me up afterwards and said they charged me for a test they didn't perform. At least they were honest about one thing. Other than that, I would say go to a real vet.

This place doesn't save you money and likes performing extra services to make extra money. They act like they make commission.


Our experience was totally negative, and will never happen again! It also is very much a parallel to the OP's experience, and others on this board:

Quote for spay of female dog at Banfields in Lexington, KY - $427

Time waiting at Banfields for them to see dog (despite having an appointment) 45 minutes.

Actual cost for spay of same dog next day by a local (non-Banfields) vet - $85 (yup eighty-five dollars).

Decision to never use Banfields? PRICELESS!!!


Banfield does tend to be high, there's no question. They should have at the VERY least explained what they were planning on charging you for. What a shame.


Lauren do you have one of the plans? If so that would probably explain why your cat only needed Neosporin, if they had to cover it.

I will say this, upon leaving an employee quietly came up to us and said "I don't know how deep the cut is as I didn't see it, but if its not too deep you can just put some Neosporin on it." She also said sometimes they can go alittle overboard, meaning with what they say/charge.

As soon as the other employee (the one that wanted us to purchase the plan over and over again) came back out she got quiet as if she was never talking to us and walked away. At least someone has a conscious there.


I agree with the other commenter...I had my cat there today, with a severely torn up face after running through a barbed wire fence (indoor cat who escaped). Not only did they tell me that Neosporin would work just as well as anything they could prescribe, they didn't charge me ANYTHING for the visit, and the vet techs and vet spent at least an hour evaluating him.

I have no problem paying for anything this cat needs medically, but was astonished that there was no charge whatsoever. VERY pleased!


I have been a plan member for 2 years now, and I am completely happy with the Banfield plan as well as doctors at the Banfield clinic

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