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Signed up for top wellness plan. My dog died after 2 months on plan and I still have to pay for the rest of the contract which over $340.00.

Can't transfer plan to another dog. Have to pay remaining 10 months on contract with no services. I paid always extra for meds and other things that were not covered in contract. Warning don't sign any kind of contract with Banfield pet hospital who is located in Petsmart stores.

You will regret it. Over charge on everything. Called another vet. A lot more reasonable in price.

Schamed!!! Never go there again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Banfield employees do NOT get a bonus when pets are signed up on a plan.

Also, it states in the contract you signed that the plan is not transferable to another pet, and that if the plan is cancelled for whatever reason before the 1yr contract is up, then you pay either the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used whichever is CHEAPER.

The wellness plan is NOT insurance. They aren't charging for things that haven't been done.


What was the age of your dog when you signed up for the Wellness plan? I'd also be interested in knowing what the dogs general heath assessment was at the time you signed up and what if any shots/medications were given to your dog while under the care at Banfield.


I'll check my information regarding the bonus/commission facts again this week, since I've had cocktails with a Banfield manager a few times on Saturday evenings at a local restaurant.


Yeah I used to work for them (quit due to being overworked, never allowed to have a day off, always having to stay late and work through lunches because they overbook EVERYDAY). We did not get bonuses for Wellness Plan sign-ups...but the managers will be on your *** if you don't sell enough of them because like every other corporation they have ever-increasing, unrealistic 'quota's for how many plans you should sell, how many pets you have to see etc.


Same thing happened to me. My puppy passed away suddenly just a week prior to her 3rd visit to Banfield.

When I called regarding the remainder of the Wellness plan that I paid $425.00 in full at the time I signed her up. I was told by corporate that I had already used over $500.00 worth of services and I was not due a refund on the remaining 10 months. 2 office visits with general check ups and 2 doses of deworming liquid, that's it. And Corporate said I used over $500.00 of services.


I filed a complaint with my States attorney generals office, the BBB and State insurance licensing board. These Wellness Plan policies are a type of assurance/insurance health policy and being sold as such. So, I feel Bandfield should be required to have a health insurance license issued by each State in order to sell their Wellness Plan policies, since Banfield pays a commission/bonus on policies issued.

Banfield calls it a registration fee.

Well, Banfield is in fact paying out bonus/commissions to employees for getting pet owners to sign up.


Not defending Banfield by any means, though will clarify employees do not get a bonus/commission for wellness plan sign ups. At least not the ones in the stores that you will have physical interactions with. Corporate level I have no idea.

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