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I would like to add to the commentary about the Selma Banfield loacation: Dr Roque Gonzales was the vet originally assigned to my great Dane when we got her. He was rough with her (she was only 7 and a half weeks old when we got her, prolly 8 or 9 weeks by the time he saw her), dismissive of my concern for her symptoms and basically condescending in general. The Vet nurse seemed embarassed and *almost* made up for the doc's attitude with her treatment of my dog and us as customers. We went to Deerfield and they were magnificent. If I lived anywhere near them I would go to them all the time. My dog was examined one more time by "Dr." Gonzales before I asked to never be scheduled with him again. The staff knew before I finished speaking what I was driving at and noted it in the system. This was in late 2007 or early 2008. He was there for a while after but never examined my dog. We were taken care of by another vet that was ABSOLUTELY great with Maggie and when he retired we were transferred to another vet, who was also very nice. (I'm sorry that I do not remember their names, but both were just wonderful with Maggie and never condescending. The vet that retired didn't speak very much in general though... not until I wore an A&M hoodie to a visit. Then he was all about chatting me up. Unfortunately, I got my degree at a UT system school, and only had the hoddie because it was for yardwork...! ) Most recently, we have been seen by Dr Swendener (Sp?) and she has been great as well. Overall, I would say the staff at the Selma, TX location has been great. They all seem to care about the work they do. The black eye that "Dr." Gonzales gave this location has been removed as far as I am concerned.

Also: They are not concerned with wringing out every cent they can. I was given a script for a LOT of antibiotics - Maggie is 160 lbs of love - and they could have filled it. For more than $150.00. But Dr. Swendener wrote the script for external fill and recmmended Target, because it was $10.00. Yes, TEN dollars.

I saved a LOT of money.

They DO recommend all of the "recommended" preventive treatments but they are all covered by my wellness plan. From where I sit that means they are making sure I get every dime's value from my plan. I pay that bill every month, so I could never go in and just throw that money away, or I could get reminders from them that I services I have paid for are due to be rendered and would I like to schedule an appointment to get these prepaid services? Yes, I would, thanks!

Yes, sometimes things crop up that cost money, but seriously, owning a pet is not free... not even for free pets. If you don't want to cover the costs or especially if you can't cover the costs associated with owning a pet, do the right thing and find a home for them with someone that CAN afford the costs. Your pet deserves to be healthy. It's your responsibility as a pet owner to provide that care for your pet. It isn't the fault of the people providing the care that it is expensive... it just is. Yes, it can be more expensive at Banfield than other places, but it can be cheaper there too. Having the plan spreads the cost out over time. And if there is ANYTHING suspect about my dog's health, I make an appointment. It's free to show up and be examined. No $35.00 office visit fees. If every thing is good, free trip to Banfield and Maggie gets to get loved on by the people shopping at Petsmart. If something is wrong we get the right treatment at what I perceive to be a fair price. I have been a customer of Banfield since ~2001. Roque Gonzales was the only vet that I haven't trusted. Every other vet has been great. We've taken cookies in to them. We don't bake cookies, but we did then. That great.

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Hi Alinosa - I'm glad that you have enjoyed being a customer at Banfield since 2001! I'm sorry that you have been unhappy with your encounters with Dr. Gonzales, but I'm glad that you have found the rest of our Selma hospital team to be kind, helpful and accommodating.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our overall service, so if you would like to give us further information, could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com?

Thank you again!


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