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I just called the main office to get information on my account. (All agree that the receptionist at the hospital gave me wrong information. Even the doctor was chiming in with what she knew about the plan, then said "It's too complicated, I don't know."

The man at the main office could not give me any reference to any documentation re: my problem(s).

One problem was that I didn't want to renew my contract (for obvious reasons) but my brochure said that the plans were automatically renewed annually (a popular scam at work-out gyms).

The man said that that policy of automatic renewal didn't apply to people like me because I had paid in full instead of monthly.

(Okay, but in a year will I be told "you must have misunderstood" (as I was told by the doctor, who herself admitted to not understanding))

I asked him to point to some documentation stating that wouldn't be renewed, but he said (after one year) that he didn't have any, he's never seen it, trust me, etc. I don't think it was his fault, it's just they Banfield works: Make it seem wonderful and caring, make the contract seem straight forward and delightful, then add in little scam things that the consumer wouldn't notice at first look, (even down to a comma potentially changing the meaning of a policy, and more importantly not providing adequate information up front. (You get some of this After you've signed the agreement) You get the point I hope. You almost need a lawyer with you to know what you're in for but, especially convenient for too-trusting and naive consumers, the whole company's image is oh so sweet... I'm sure that the doctors and the people who work there are wonderful but the business is shady.

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I am happy to see that at least one reader was able to see I did not have a tone, I was merely stating facts to help clear up any misunderstandings.

I have all my pets on a wellness plan, and I too must follow the same rules as the clients.

Personally, if I don't feel comfortable with a service or with the terms of the plan, then I will not bring my pets in. Regardless of whether or not I work at that establishment.

I cannot please all clients, but I do take the responsibility of my job seriously for helping others and their pets is my passion and my choice...not my burden.

Unfortunately, to some it's just a job they clock in for to get paid, and I cannot help that these same people represent the same company I do.


May I ask..How did you catch the "tone" of his answer? They are telling the facts of the plan.

The problem is that the clients don't stop to read what there signing. Then they want to come back, and complain about it later. There is no excuse big enough to explain why they didn't read before they signed.

I'm sorry, but they can't hold everyones hands. I as a consumer have the intelligence to throughly read ANYTHING I put my name on.



If a person is on a montly contract with respect to payment, then at the expiration of that payment plan, the contract should not be able to renew,whereas the payment would have been paid in full. I futher dislike the TONE of your response to your customer, did you forget that you are a consumer as well.....Tis Tis Shame on You


If you are on a monthly payment option, then yes, the plan does auto renew for another year. There is no annual fee after your first year, but the monthly payments continue as in the previous year.

However, if you paid for the year up front, the plan won't be able to auto renew and charge any banking info, since there is not stored banking info on file with annual paid plans.

Instead, your renewal will be placed on hold. If within 90 days no full year payment is made for the next year, or if you do not opt to switch to a monthly payment option, then the plan is cancelled.

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