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How dare you people treat pet owners the way you do...You know there is charitable organizations out there that will assist your customers financially if they cannot afford the services you overcharge for, yet you force a single mother and her daughter to sigh over ownership of their beloved family pet because you selfish money hungry jerks wouldn't allow her to make payments on her bill. Wow, you sure changed your tune when the local media showed up.

All of a sudden you "reconsidered". I hope word spreads about how horrid you people really are.

Although I love the groomer that Petsmart employs, I will not be taking my dogs nor giving that company my money until they disassociate from such a horrid excuse of a veterinarian or as I like to call them, a meat market.

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I want to share an experience I had with a low cost spay and neuter clinic. I was at a clinic waiting to be seen in Pico Rivera, CA for a black male kitten we had been given.

A elderly lady and her roommate were also sitting close to me and we started talking. The calico cat was a rescue from a neighbor, who was moving, and was going to take to the nearest animal shelter, which was a high kill one. The cat had recently had kittens and developed infection in her uterus and she was on antibiotics, from another vet, but the kitty needed to be fixed soon. This clinic was not equipped to handle complicated cases like this.

The lady was besides herself and only had the money for the low cost spay. The staff were wonderful and comforted her, and took her distraught into a private room, to calm her. I listened as the already busy staff found an organization that would cover her spay for twenty dollars more than she was paying currently in LA. She and her roommate left relieved and happy.

I asked how the cat was doing when I picked my cat up, and the vet tech said all had gone well. The women was able to keep her cat, which she rescued from being euthanized. This is an ethical and wonderful animal organization that helps low income families get needed vaccinations, spay, and other procedures. While, vet techs that work for corporations, lack sympathy or compassion for those that cannot afford your over inflated prices.

How sickening that your corporation refuse to even refer low income to organizations such as these. Many low income families have more compassion and empathy for homeless animals because they know how it feels. The comments made by some of the Banfield vet techs says how cold and cruel they are. If you have not gone to school to become a vet tech, then you are not truly one, just a glorified vet assistant.

It is scary that this corporations are allowed to hire untrained personal to save money. By the way, if you are working at Banfield, as a vet nurse, guess what you are also low income. If you lost your job would you be able to afford their outrageous prices? What comes around goes around.

One day it will be you with a sob story loosing your beloved animal. I really do not see how most of you defending this horrid place should be working with animals anyway.


You employees are such liars. I Had a banfield employee tell me your wellness plan was monthly payments and that you can cancel at any time and when my cat was hit by a car less then 30 days later i called to cancel it and even faxed a death certificate and they pretty much told me tough *** that i was locked in for 12 months.

Your business is a scam and I hope you get shut down. O and My cat after it Died still cost me $400 that's all insurance for a cat that wasn't even on the plan for 30 days.


I've taken my pets to Banfield over the last 8 years. We have received excellent care.

I hate to pay for the extras that are not on the plan, but do receive a small discount. I became unemployed and the company worked with me, unfortunenately I didn't call to cancel the plan and they charged my account and it caused my mortgage bill to bounce which put me in foreclosure. I have made arrangements with the mortgage company, but I'm never going to get caught up and Im only paying the fees and interest! but enough about that.

Our beloved pet was hit by a car and they were pretty understanding, I could barely get out the words from crying so hard, but they reduced the months we owed and I only had to pay for 3 months and then the plan cancelled. So they are a good company and will work with you. You just have to call and let them know your situation. I had always recieved good service at the Apex, NC store.

The groomers are another story altogether. For them to charge $89 to trim a dogs coat is outrageous! I talked to a former groomer and she said they get bonuses for overcharging and that I should report them, but since it was over 3 months since the groom, and we have never used them again, I just let it drop. So just be aware of what they are charging.

Understand the policy. Most of the vets I talked to at our store were very good and decent vets. They even told me where to get dog meds (people meds) cheaper. I don't use them any more since I can't afford any vet bills, but I have and would definitely recommend them to anyone who has a pet.

It is so much easier to pay the monthly than to have to fork out the amount in one bill.

They helped me to afford great service to my pets. I wish that all the stores were as caring as the one I took my pets to.


To the 2 Banfield employees:

I worked for this company for 2 years and you have either, 1 - not been with the company long; or 2 - actually work at a good Banfield.

Now, just like one of you said, if you can't afford to treat a pet for an unexpected emergency, you shouldn't have one. That, I can completely agree with. But, as myself and I'm sure MANY other former employees will tell you, a LOT of the doctors just do not care. The hospitals I worked for avoided the surrendering like the plague. They didn't want to do the work to treat the pet and find it a good home. The doctors would tell the owners "If you don't have money, we should euthanize", and it was sometimes for the smallest things. We weren't even allowed to refer these clients with alternate means of getting care elsewhere. I was written up a few times for sending a sick pet to another hospital (non-Banfield) when I knew the owners couldn't afford treatment with us!

I remember one banfield I worked at we had a HBC come in, and the doctor put together a ridiculous estimate, and would not touch the dog until the estimate was signed. We got yelled at for putting the dog on an O2 mask (because the 'full-service' banfield I worked at didn't have an O2 cage)...

There ARE good banfields out there, but they are definitely hard to find with corporate breathing down the doctor's necks to make more money.


I can tell you first hand, as a Banfield employee that we do not force you to sign your pets over. It's an option/last resort to help the pet. Secondly, we are not a free charity case, it is a business like everything else so most likely there is to be a payment. We have done payment plans in the past and stopped doing them because people would skip out on paying. Not saying everyone would but since most of the percentage did, we discontinued allowing it.

and at Lily**

We don't sell the dogs you freakin twit! We find it a loving home that can take care of it.

And another thing, if you can't afford to take care of an animal, don't get one. I've had so many people tell me that they don't have the money or some sob story. Well you know what? A lot of people have issues, but trying to play the sympathy card isn't going to get you anywhere.

I'm sorry you had to give your pet up, but if it means your pet gets better and survives the so be it. :sigh


I'm sorry but I find this to be BS. As a former Banfield worker, I'll let you know we NEVER want owners to surrender pets to us, And we would NEVER talk them into it, or FORCE them too.

Heres why. First, If a client brings a sick pet in who cannot afford treatment, they have a choice to turn the pet over to us....as a last resort! In that event, we will then keep the pet, provide all medical care for the pet, and around the clock care and eat the cost. It is expensive!

Once the pet is better, we try to find a good home, usually with a staff member. We always encourage clients to not go this route, and it is never talked about unless like I said, a last resort to SAVE THE LIFE OF THE PET.


I bring BOTH my dogs to Banfield and they are BOTH on the Premium Wellness Plans. I have never had a problem (here in Delray Beach FL) but I have read complaints about other locations.

It's making me think it depends on the locations. They have the best staff and Vets there that actually do seem to care about my dogs. I am SUPER over concerned about my dogs and actually went to Banfield after a string of HORRIBLE VETS. After what I just read though, I'm going to have some questions for my vet when I bring my dogs in this week.

This is very disturbing if it's true, and I don't care what your "contract" says or what they tell you I WOULD NEVER EVEN ALOW THEM TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION WITH ME REGARDING SIGNING MY DOG OVER. If you can't pay your child's medical bill in the hospital you are not forced to sign your child over, it goes to a collection agency.

Somethings not right here. :?


I used to work for the Banfield Corporate office and took the calls regarding consumers who could not pay...I can tell you that ultimately, unless you ask for the client advocate team, your issue will not be addressed nor will you be contacted back. You need to contact them and ask for the CAT to file a formal complaint, and it will be researched, but your best bet with that company is to contact the local media, as the way they treat both the consumers and the animals is unethical and in some cases illegal.

I have seen animals die because of too much or too little anesthesia, wrong medication, lack of urgency, you name it. This place doesn't care about your pets. While I was there, I made several suggestions to help them improve the understanding and communication between clients and the company, and was told that "we don't want them to get refunds or help. We want their money from the procedures and the wellness plan.

They should read what they sign. If there's a malpractice issue, they can take it up with the doctor." Just so you know...they are not looking to help you. Did you know that if your pet dies, whether under their care or not, you are responsible for the FULL PRICE of the wellness plan, even if you want to pay a majority and make an arrangement? You are stuck on that plan until it expires, and you get no notice that it will be expiring, either.

You are expected to know from paperwork that you signed a year ago, no reminder will be sent. I recommend taking your pet to a local clinic.

I have two kittens and will never visit a Banfield. Ever.


Do I read this right? Are you saying a family HAD to sign over their dog to a *hospital* because they couldn't make payments for service rendered?

How is that legal? And what would they do with the dog? Resell to get their money? Do they sell dogs there?

Dogs are property, right? So why would they not turn over the matter to a collection agency? I've been blessed not to have a problem with affording medical care for my pets, but I must say, if, God forbid, I ever did find myself over my head, they'd have to pry my dogs/cats out of my cold, dead hands.

Nothing wrong with making payments, don't know why they wouldn't allow it, it's good business. Oh, but that last part answered that, didn't it.

Banfield P

Hi Furbysmom -

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience.

After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information. We strive to provide exceptional customer service to our customers. When we don't hit the mark, we truly appreciate your honest opinion about your experience with us. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 to help us better understand how we can improve?

Your satisfaction and your pet's health are of the utmost importance to us. We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager

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