Hagerstown, Maryland

My Shar-pei charlie was killed during a routine neuter surgery on 6/19/15, after the peer review has been concluded, the medical director informed me that this vet broke several protocols on this visit, and she had also broken protocol on his 5/22/15 visit. I called it an anesthesia overdose, but the language the medical director used per the peer review, this vet was to have been found to "use the wrong combination of drugs that led to Charlie's demise." This company should be put out of business and i urge anyone that still takes their animals there to stop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This company is owned by the 6th largest corporation in the nation, they aren't going anywhere.


Oh we are aware of who owns this company


can i ask what vet this was? we too are having issues related to death of our dog


Due to legal issues and my lawyers advice I can't give that information out :-( I'm sorry for your loss and what hospital was it


Sue the *** out of that doctor!!!


Hi Mr. Hanners,

I'm a reporter at Bloomberg News.

Would you be willing to talk with me about what happened to your dog at Banfield?

I got your contact information from Dr.

Robb, who I visited this past weekend.

Please let me know if there's a time I could reach you by phone.

Best regards, Jason #Justuce4Charlie is in the move


Malpractice suit? think about it.


Already in process


She is still working there


The doctor (vet) should be tried and jailed. He license, obviously, should be removed.