Roanoke, Virginia

Published on Oct 12, 2013

Banfield overdosed my dog with a sedative. It stopped her heart.

She had heart disease and should never have been sedated. She also had fluid in her lungs. She was sedated so she could be held by the hind legs and shaken. $500 is added to your bill if you want to revive but they didn't tell me that, they just handed me another bill.

I got 2 bills while they were working on her. She went into shock or may have been dead when I went into the exam room, they said she would need to go to an overnight hospital. I wanted to take her to another vet, but they knew the overdose would have been detected. They had me come into the exam room and talk and pet my dog, her eyes were dilated and non responsive.

She was in shock. I asked what was wrong with her eyes, they never answered, so I thought she was still under the sedative. They stopped working on her when my credit for the Care Card was rejected, so they abused her by removing oxygen and she went into shock. Banfield got $175 to kill my dog.

I was told I had 2 weeks to pay the balance of $525. My neighbors dog had edema (Fluid) and it was removed with a large needle, my dog was sedated so the vet could hold her by her hind legs and shake her. This is an old treatment, the sedative killed my dog, her heart and lungs were stressed, she couldn't breathe on her own, no oxygen was used the three times I was in the exam room. I question that her heart actually stopped.

They didn't have the decency to tell me her condition when I was talking with her and petting her. I can't prove anything, my dog was cremated within 24 hours which I believe was another scam at Lynchburg Humane Society. The tin container was perfectly taped, not a speck of lint or dirt. When I questioned the cremation taking only 24 hours they said the ovens were on when I brought her in, and the person that handles the remains is very clean.

I told them I don't believe they are my dog's ashes.

Again, how do you prove anything? So I must live with 2 bad decisions, a corporate pet hospital, and a dishonest humane society.

  • Banfield killed my Chihuahua
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This is truly getting quite sad. Like VMD states below I have seen this posting multiple times, each time with subtle difference in the 'story' readers are being told.

There have been some very well written & polite explanations by actual doctors as to why medically it seems like the vets tried an appropriate treatment but unfortunately could not save the pet likely due to a very serious, chronic illness. But this poor lady just buries her head in the sand, refuses to listen to any of the logical responses & chooses to keep seeking attention/sympathy/a frivolous lawsuit???

If any family members out there keep reading/seeing this they need to have a professional intervene before she hurts herself. Seriously, this reeks of depression/mental imbalance.


Some people just want someone to blame when medicine can't save their loved ones. I hope she gets the help she needs to accept this and move on.


You have serious mental issues. You have posted this story 4-5 times, you change your story a little bit each time, and VETS have told you that there was nothing medically wrong with the treatment administered, that there was no malpractice.

By the way, do you even know about congestive heart failure AT ALL and how it causes fluid in the lungs? Do you even know that depending on which side of the heart fails, fluid will build up in different places? It sounded like your dog had pulmonary edema, which is fluid in the microscopic air spaces of the lung. Thus, thoracentesis (the needle used to remove fluids) would not be useful because there was fluid in the MICROSCOPIC places.

It's like say you have a bunch of grapes, which represents the alveoli (microscopic air spaces). You shrink down that bunch of grapes to the size of grains of sand. Now lets say you want to drain the grape juice from them. How do you expect to do that with a needle?

You can't suck the fluid from each tiny grape which is the size of a piece of sand. What your neighbor's dog likely had was PLEURAL EFFUSION, which is not really fluid in the lungs, but fluid surrounding the lungs. Since this is one large, continuous space, it can be drained with a needle. THAT is why it was not performed on your dog.

Please do a little research before you start bashing medical professionals, as they clearly have more clinical knowledge than you do.

I understand you are hurting, but this is the 4th or 5th time you have posted here, and each time you refuse to listen to the advice of medical professionals that nothing wrong was done and that the treatment administered did NOT cause your dog's death.

An overdose of sedative did not kill your dog....a chronic, terminal illness that went untreated for a long time killed your dog. I'm sorry, but you clearly need mental help.


It is Banfield, look at all the complaints about their lack of medical competency, I have no problem believing they killed her dog. All your lack of empathy makes me believe you work for their company. Sorry for the loss of your dog.

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