Atlanta, Georgia

Kinzey, our 77 lb Labradoodle came in to our house with an injured left front leg on Saturday night. We iced the leg but it had quite a bit of swelling. The next morning the leg seemed to be improving but we still felt that we should see a vet. With our vet being closed on a Sunday we ended up at Banfield Perimeter location.

They wanted to keep our dog for a couple of hours so they could shave and examine her leg. We spent almost all of our time with a vet Tech and spoke with a vet for maybe 45 seconds only. They were uncertain as to the cause of swelling and started her on an antibiotic and put an Elizabethan collar on her. When I picked up the dog this collar was so big that I had to take it off just to get her in the car. I decided not to use this collar as it appeared the dog didn't need it and returned at 8am the next morning (Monday) to receive a credit. I was told I would have to wait until Wednesday to speak to the head vet. On Wednesday I was left a message that they would not make this return. I called to speak with the vet and was told by the receptionist that it was due to OSHA standards. I don't know what standards she really meant because OSHA refers to injuries in the work force. I really get the feeling that this place is about making money and not about doing what is right for the pet.

As an epilogue our pet began showing lameness in her opposite rear leg later that Monday and we took her to our regular vet extremely concerned that this was cascading downward. We were treated by 2 vet techs and 2 veterinarians. They carried her to and from the car for us and upon examination became convinced that she had suffered a copperhead ***. Unfortunately because of Banfield's in action too many hours had passed to offer her an anti venom injection so we continued to treat her with antibiotics, and added an anti inflammatory, and Benadryl. In addition they did laser treatments on the affected limbs on consecutive days. They did all of this for $125 less than what Banfield initially charged us.

I am happy to report it is now 4 days later and a dog that could not even get up is going up and down steps and running in the yard! If you have an emergency I would recommend staying away from Banfield.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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