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I took my 7 year old dog to banfield pet hospital in Salem nh and ya the first thing they discussed was the wellness plan so it sounded good and we decided to get on it. Huge mistake!!!

We paid 150.00 and we where told we would get money off on there products and visits ect... So our dog got seen cause he was drinking a lot and peeing ect... They took the dog in the back abduction did bloodwork and other stuff. We found out our dog had lime disease abduction diabeties.

So they put him on insulin and an antibiotic so we started everything. He had a hotspot and they gave us med for that as well. The cost was outrageous of course after paying for the wellness plan so I asked about being able to save money on the prescriptions and they said no u don't save on these products. I asked if they knew of a store that sold the spray cheaper and they said no that this is all they have out there.we where treated great till we got the plan.

Then they changed completely. Well while we thought we'd be saving with the plan we went back 1 month later cause our dog had a lump on his leg and we got another Dr. And she said it would cost 150 to do a biopsy and it looks like a calcium build up he'll be fine so we said ok and left. 1month later I called to ask for a refill on the needles and they told me no cause the Dr that was there that day didn't know my dog so she didn't feel good about refilling the needles he needs to take his insulin.

She wanted to see him to meet him. I said no. So I started to use the needles a second time and noticed I had 3 refills so we got them filled. We asked them to make sure our dog only sees his Dr none else and they never listened.

So we where seeing this other Dr as well but we didn't like her so mind you the dog had been going there and had seen 2 drs. So why couldn't I get a refill??.my dog started to get a rash on its stomach and I was concerned and kept calling them to see what's going on with this red rash and all they talked about the 150 dollars I need to pay to do the glucosimin check and I told them I couldn't do that right now. My dog needs an appointment for this rash. 1month goes by and again I'm calling about this rash that turned into welts and they said over the phone that it's probably a bacteria infection under the skin and you can bring him in and we'll give an antibiotic and he'll be fine.I never experienced ppl like this in my life.

I told them it's like the insulin isn't working on him and he needs to come in asap. Mind you I've been tellin this to them for a few months so the day I called to bring him in he had an open wound. I brought him in thinking I was getting anantibiotic and bringing him home. They look at the bumps on his belly and come back and tell me there masses so I started to cry and the Dr comes in and says she thinks it's cancer because dogs that get diabeties can get cancer as well.

She said his lymphnoids where a little swollen and keytones in urine points to cancer. The best thing was to put him to sleep. I lost it!!! When I brought him months ago and there was one lump why in the he'll didn't you tell us that cancer can come with diabeties in some cases???

Why wouldnt she have told me this so we could prevent it from spreading??? It's all about PREVENTATIVE CARE right??? No she tells me after there's more lumps and as she tells me all this now??? So she sas its the best thing to put him to said how do we know it's cancer??

She says all the signs point to it.the little right there I had to decide what to do because she told me it's thee most unselfish thing I could do for him right now. So I started asking tons of questions and talking about kimo and with no care in the world!!! My dog got put to sleep nov13 at 4:30:'( I was hysterical!! My baby is gone:'( now I'm thinking why didn't they test him for cancer just to prove that hr had it???

This place is all about preventive care?? Why is my dog dead?? He was breed from a champion dog!!! There all about money!!!

Come to find out my dogs gone and they want me to continue to pay for the wellness plan even though my dog is gone. They where so mean on the phone. This was the worst thing I did in my life. They are so fake about everything.I'm doing something about this and I'm going to make sure noone goes thru this pain of loosing there pets like I have:'( BANFIELD HOSPITAL IS MOST HORRIBLE!!!!

if you want ur pet to get good care stay away from banfield HOSPITAl. They don't prevent *** except your wallet from having money in It!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Banfield P

Hi Frodo - We are sorry about the loss of your dog. After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information regarding the care that your dog received at Banfield. Could you please call our Wellness Plan Relations Team at 866-894-7927 or WellnessPlanRelations(at)banfield(dot)net? They will be able to document the details of your experience and pass the information on to the appropriate local hospital leadership team for follow-up. Again, we are so sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


Spread this eveIyou pet more healthy and safe cause banfield is such a bad place for pets and this is something I feel so strong about this horrible ppl and place. I've already stopped a couple of drs from going there and place. God bless you allO:-) {PREVENTATIVE CARE} YA RIGHT!!!!!

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