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Our dog passed away after being with us and Bansfield for 15 years. When we called to cancel our Wellness Plan, we were told we could not cancel due to our contract wasn't up until August. Really?! Because he was an older dog our services used were more than what we actually paid for that year. What about the previous 14 years that we had paid for and the first 8 when we didn't use the plan at all and Bansfield just pocketed the money we sent them.

Also, what is with their comprehensive exams? Why do you need my dog for 6+ hours to look over my dog?

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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"Wait With Dog" obviously works for Banfield.



It is a contract. if something unforseen happens you finish the contract. don't be mad cause you all are ignorant sacks of anus.


Why not wait in the hospital you lazy ***. get your head out of your ***. drop offs are not seen before the people who choose to wait with their pet.


I think "plan owner too" had a valid point. Why would you pay for a plan of services and not receive them for years?? Besides, the amount of services you receive in the plan is WAY more than what you actually pay for..


First I would like to say that "plan owner too" didn’t need to add the comment "its a shame your pet didn’t get to receive the health care it deserved" That is just rude and inconsiderate. She had her pet on the plan which is more than a lot of pet owners.

My cat of 16 years had to be put down yesterday and I too was told that I have to continue to pay until July when the plan expires. I just don’t think it is fair that we have to continue to pay for a pet that we have lost, isn’t it enough that we are suffering the loss?


The wellness plan is an annual plan meant to be used for your dogs "well care" each year including vaccines, bloodwork, dental care and more. The fact that you only used it during the last 6 years of your pets' life and wasted the services you paid for the previous 8 isn't Banfields fault.

It's yours. It's a shame your pet didn't get to receive the health care it deserved.

Comprehensive exams don't take 6 hours to complete. If you drop your pet off at the hospital, it will stay there until it has it's turn.

Surgeries and sick pets take priority as well as emergencies during the day. That is why your pet may spend several hours at the vet to get a comprehensive exam.

It's just like any other hospital. Hurry up and wait.

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