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The Wellness plan is offered to new clients who go to Banfield for their pets so called free first visit/check up. This is when the receptionist mentions the Wellness plan. The front desk person also tells the NEW client they will need to sign up for the Wellness plan PRIOR to receiving their pets FREE exam in order to receive any future discounts and free office visits. The new client free pet exam offer is just promotional marketing tactic to... Read more

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Horrible staff, Refused to touch my cat, because she was anxious and somewhat aggressive, basically due to not knowing these people, wanted to charge me outrageous fees for putting her to sleep just to give her basic yearly vaccines. I was told that was the only way they could treat her, vaccinate her. I refused and room her to another vet, she showed the same anxious behavior and they handled her like pro's, by wrapping her in a blanket and... Read more

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Ah yes, Banfield offering a FREE initial examination for your pet. Such a deal, or so you think. Well, its one way to get you and your pet into a Banfield clinic for the first time and hopefully get you signed up for the wellness plan while your there so you and your pet will continue to be a clients of a Banfield clinic close to you. Trust me, nothing is free especially the cost of the VERY LIMITED medical coverage the Wellness plan actually... Read more

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Since your an employee of Banfield I would expect you to CYA during your rant blaming clients for posting complaints regarding many issues they have encountered with Banfield. First off, the Wellness plan is for the most part a scam. Why? due to the fact Banfields prices are so over inflated the plan sounds like a financial savings deal. However, the plan itself is very limited in so far as actual medical treatment(s) it covers general weight,... Read more

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I have been taking my dog here since he was a puppy. Everyone at first was polite and very helpful. Now it seems lately there has been numberous issues. To make an appointment apparently doesn't mean anything anymore. When your appointment time is 7am for sugery and are told that your dog should be ready around 3pm and yes i understand that sometimes there are setbacks or emergencies but when the appt. Time is 9am and you dont pull the dog in... Read more

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We took out the puppy wellness plan 7 months ago for a total cost of $480.00 paid in full at the time we signed up. we only took our puppy in for a total of 4 visits this included her initial check up the day we singed up for the plan. The other three visits consisted of a brief check up, stool sample check, 3 additional DHPP booster shots and her rabies shot on the 4 and last visit. Our little puppy at only 7 months old suffered a sudden heart... Read more

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Perhaps I'm a bit picky as to a vets or vet assistant that's performing an exam on one of my dogs. However, I have a few issues concerning the overall medical education Banfield vet tech's have. Are the vet tech's required to have some kind of formal medical training and be a certified graduate from a licensed vet assistant program? As for Banfields Puppy Wellness plan. The overall cost of just under $500.00 leaves a bit to be desired... Read more

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The puppy wellness plan has some financial advantages and some financial disadvantages depending on the medical services your NEW puppy may require. The wellness plan does cover the cost of scheduled office visits and the puppy's routine shots. i.e DHPP (distemper, hepatitis and parvo) usually given in a series of 3 to 4 injections over a period of several weeks and a - 1 year Rabies vaccination & a general check up each visit. Also included... Read more

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I really have no complints with Banfield. Except when I brought my cat in for a dental cleaning that was made a month earlier, doubled checked the day before, and when I got there, they had the cleaning for a dog that had the same name as my cat. But they still took him in for his yearly check up... even with there insurence plan I still spent 119,.00 dollars for fle and tick product that i could have gotten cheaper right next door at petsmart.... Read more

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I took my cat to Dr Trice at the Kingsbury location in Chicago the begining of Feb 2014. I said she meows all the time. They charged me almost $600.00 for test, they said everyting was fine with her teeth. A few days later the cat was still meowing, i lifted up her lip to see a black tooth. I took her to another vet and she had two bad teeth. I would not bring any animal to this vet. After looking on line i find many complaints about this... Read more

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